I was intrigued by this appetizing treat when I first saw it in Glorietta 4 food court. But because of some reason I have  already forgotten, I wasn’t able to buy and taste Funnel Cake Factory.

But some Sunday back, we saw this in Unimart, Greenhills. It’s a recent addition to the food stalls right before you enter the strip of stores from Unimart going to the V-Mall. I knew that that was the right time to convinced my parents to buy and taste this at long last.

We got the Caramel Almond and the Nutty Chocolate. Caramel Almond stands out, and is a winner — though I would love a scoop of my favorite vanilla ice cream melt on top of it. Yumm :)

8 Responses to “Funnel Cake Factory”

  1. Looks soooo yummy! (*u*)

  2. I always pa-ss by their stall in Unimart. I never got to try it though. Hehe. XD

  3. hehe it’s ayt.. tho yeah, i would love some vanila ice cream or any ice cream on top of it! :D super!

  4. It looks so so SWEET.

  5. Yeah! Adding ice-cream to other desserts really does magic. :)

  6. What’s funnel cake made of, anyway? *ignorant me* :(

  7. @iheartbadtz - i think it’s like the pancake mix :P haha

  8. ::CHOMP munch munch munch:: X]

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