Have you tried the yummy Chicken Mango Wrap at Starbucks?

Last Sunday, after the Nike 10K Human Race, I finally got the chance to do so. Now I know why Achi Fran really loves this “chicken with green curry and mango sweetness combined in a wrap that will surely give you a surprise” concoction. :3

She suggests that you try it with a frapp drink.
I tried mine with my fave, Caramel Macchiato.

In other news, I would love that you have a bite of our cookie.
Sarap ba?

Avril Lavigne is here in the Philippines for the 2008 “The Best Damn Tour” concert!

I won these lovely Upper A tickets from Titik Pilipino.
They arrived early this morning.

It’s okay for me to go to the concert,
but I opted to give it to Jason and Janelle instead.
I hope they enjoy! :3

So, who’s going later? :3

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