Dong Bei (東北水餃水) Restaurant
642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva) Binondo, Manila


After eating at McGeary for a late lunch in Binondo, the Foodista in me made me want to explore more, and look for some fab food finds.

When talking about Binondo, I am certain that food finds (most especially Chinese food) would not escape any conversation. There are really a lot of restaurants, which my parents are calling institutions already, that date way back (30 or more years of existence) from their high school years.

But with all of my more than 10 years of coming and going and visiting in Binondo, I have never heard of 東北 Dumplings. It was just until fellow food bloggers, like Arpee Lazaro, and others went on a Binondo food tour, did I get to hear about this restaurant. Thanks to Arpee, I was able to get directions going there a while ago.

I opted to purchase the uncooked pork and kutchay dumplings. One pack (30 pcs of dumplings) costs Php 200. I ordered 3 packs; little did I know, they have a *promo - buy a total of Php 600 dumplings, and get Php 700 worth of dumplings. (*I was able to get 105 pcs of dumplings for only Php 600. Not bad!)

Later that night, I cooked the dumplings as suggested by the very friendly serving staff of Dong Bei.

First, you have to boil water. When it’s already boiling, just put in the dumplings for five minutes. After 5 mins, you can take it out already, and you can now enjoy the tasty dumplings you’ve been wanting to devour.

I must admit, these dumplings are superb. I can’t wait to finish off these dumplings I bought. :) To the next food adventure!

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