Last Saturday, Belo Medical Group, through Mica’s imagination, ingenuity and hardwork, opened its doors in Timog branch to bloggers for a night of experiencing physical beauty, as well as beauty within.

Dr. Hayden Kho talked about Beauty 101 - what constitute a beautiful person, at least from the world’s perspective, where these rationalizations come from, etc. He also talked about the products and services of the Belo Medical Group, and the positive effects it brings to people who’ve tried and tested them.

Famed Dra. Vicki Belo made an appearance and discussed and retold her inspiring life story. Ultimately, the purpose of the blogger event was to launch their foundation. Ike and Nena Belo Foundation, which aims to help people with physical deformities (cleft palate and burned victims), to sponsor scholars in their education, and to promote environmental awareness.

Dra. Vicki Belo asked the bloggers who were present what comes to their minds when they hear the name “Belo”? I guess a lot of you would agree with me when I answer “surgery, beauty, face and body enhancement, liposuction, etc.” I can list a lot of things on top of my head, but I wouldn’t because I would only bore you.

The bloggers were treated to some of the different services offered by the BMG. Personally, I tried the Rays of Inara and the Power Peel. It really felt great! Others tried the Tenor, a non-invasive fat burning and body sculpting device, and the Ice Mask.

With the current situation and environment where we live in now, which looks at the physical appearance of people, it is engraved that people look at the appearance and consider it more than who and what the person truly is.

What Dra. Vicki Belo wants is to level the playing field for everyone. Don’t get her wrong; it doesn’t mean she wants people to put more value on looks than a person’s character, the bottom line is that she wants to help and inform people of a way or a method wherein they can show what they truly are by being at par with others with the physical aspect first*. (*Dra. Belo says that as statistics show, during job applications, given one honor student with not so good looks and another person with an average grade but has the advantage with looks, the latter always gets the job)

After trying out some of the services offered by the BMG, we went to Packo’s Bar and Grill for dinner and more bonding sessions with the Belo Marketing staff and Dr. Hayden Kho. :)

Me, Tita Jane, Dr. Hayden

Me trying the Rays of Inara (Photo by Jonel Uy of

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