For those who are waiting for so long, and are really excited about the official Philippine iPhone launch, your wait is finally over! You can now have an official iPhone at your own hands on August 22. You can now reserve your own iPhone here.

But is the long wait all worth it? With the Prepaid 8GB iPhone model starting at Php 41, 889, wouldn’t you think twice purchasing it? Highway robbery! :(

For me, though I really really really want one (as in REALLY REALLY), with that price, I think I’ll buy myself a DSLR first instead, and hope that the prices will lower after several months. Then maybe, I can buy myself one already?

Obverse and Front View


Both Side View

Earlier last month, Coca-Cola Philippines, has released a new Coca-Cola can design (In Mandarin, Coca-Cola means delicious happiness) - 可口可樂 (ke kou ke le) in line with the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

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