San Miguel Beer’s Oktoberfest Siento Bente will officially kick off its 120 days or 4 months of celebration, of course, with beer, music, and a lot of fun, on September 5, with more than 40 bands, including international act Third Eye Blind.

In the press launch that happened yesterday, San Miguel Pale Pilsen Brand Manager said that it will be the biggest, greatest, and largest running official fiesta ng barkada, as granted by the Department of Tourism, to date.

Aiming to put the Philippines in the Guinness Book of World Records once again, San Miguel will impress the crowd with the biggest Oktoberfest celebration ever with the biggest beer toasting crowd, and the longest beer bar, which will feature 600 meters bar area that will stretch from San Miguel Avenue from Julia Vargas to Louders Ave.

Moreover, to cap off the grand opening of the Oktoberfest, San Miguel will be unveiling the Limited Edition San Miguel Oktoberfest Pale Pilsen. This brew is made out of a pale lager with malty notes, balanced with floral and citrussy hops. It is full-flavored yet lightly bodied, sweetish in taste, and smooth on the finish.

The Oktoberfest will launch simultaneously in the provinces of Mactan, Cebu; Iznart Street, Iloilo; Victora Plaza, Davao; Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo; and Pasea de Sta. Rosa, Laguna. You can catch your favorite pinoy bands in those launches.

Today marks the 1st Death Anniversary of Cris Mendez. The National College of Public Administration and Governance students, faculty, staff, and friends, celebrated the Holy Eucharist earlier in the NCPAG Atrium to remember the still unresolved injustice done to Cris, and to hope and pray that his case will see light.

“It was one year ago today when a mother lost her child, when iskos and iskas lost a friend, when a university lost one of its hope for the nation, and when we lost our fellow iskolar para sa bayan.” — lifted from the statement issued by Alyansa

Beyond death, there must be justice.

Beyond justice, there must be peace.

In the latter part of the service, SC Chair Sabalburo recited a poem, which serves as a memory and a promise, for Cris.



The doves still cry whenever they call out your name.
Your face — plastered all over the walls, everywhere
With your smile etched on each poster
Yet, all we recall are bruises
And a maimed body that caused your death — and fame?


A year’s passed but what’s the use?
Your soul still laments the injustice that’s been done you.
Your body rotten, our spirits broken
Your murderers, your future brother walk undaunted
With little thought of justice and being righteous.


We here remain - some friends, most strangers - steadfast and pray,
That blind Justice open her eyes and smite your villains with her sword.
We shout with angry voices, and sing a deathly tune
That speaks of our outrage at this pervading violence.
Fear not, sing it out, our music will make them quake.

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.

One Issue, Thousands of Voices

Global issues like poverty are extremely complex. There is no simple, clear answer. By asking thousands of different people to give their viewpoints and opinions, Blog Action Day creates an extraordinary lens through which to view these issues. Each blogger brings their own perspective and ideas. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

What is the aim of Blog Action Day?

First and last, the purpose of Blog Action Day is to create a discussion. We ask bloggers to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue.

…the blogging community effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue.

By doing so on the same day, the blogging community effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue.

Out of this discussion naturally flow actions, advice, ideas, plans, and empowerment. In 2007 on the theme of the Environment, we saw bloggers running environmental experiments, detailing innovative ideas on creating sustainable practices and focusing audience’s attentions on organizations and companies promoting green agendas. In 2008 we aim to again focus the blogging community’s energies and passions, this time on the mammoth issue of global poverty.

Mass Participation

From the smallest online journals, to huge online magazines, to EU ministers, to professionals and amateurs, Blog Action Day is about mass participation. Anyone is free to join in on Blog Action Day and there is no limit on the number of posts, the type of posts or the direction of thoughts and opinions.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.



Dong Bei (東北水餃水) Restaurant
642 Yuchengco St (formerly Nueva) Binondo, Manila


After eating at McGeary for a late lunch in Binondo, the Foodista in me made me want to explore more, and look for some fab food finds.

When talking about Binondo, I am certain that food finds (most especially Chinese food) would not escape any conversation. There are really a lot of restaurants, which my parents are calling institutions already, that date way back (30 or more years of existence) from their high school years.

But with all of my more than 10 years of coming and going and visiting in Binondo, I have never heard of 東北 Dumplings. It was just until fellow food bloggers, like Arpee Lazaro, and others went on a Binondo food tour, did I get to hear about this restaurant. Thanks to Arpee, I was able to get directions going there a while ago.

I opted to purchase the uncooked pork and kutchay dumplings. One pack (30 pcs of dumplings) costs Php 200. I ordered 3 packs; little did I know, they have a *promo - buy a total of Php 600 dumplings, and get Php 700 worth of dumplings. (*I was able to get 105 pcs of dumplings for only Php 600. Not bad!)

Later that night, I cooked the dumplings as suggested by the very friendly serving staff of Dong Bei.

First, you have to boil water. When it’s already boiling, just put in the dumplings for five minutes. After 5 mins, you can take it out already, and you can now enjoy the tasty dumplings you’ve been wanting to devour.

I must admit, these dumplings are superb. I can’t wait to finish off these dumplings I bought. :) To the next food adventure!

My gua ma, grandmother in the mother’s side, recently went “down” from Dagupan and visited us here in Manila. She currently teaches Chinese in Dagupan. And since Dagupan, Pangasinan is famous for fresh seafood produce, what else could she bring home as pasalubong than Bangus (milkfish) and Hipon (shrimp) - lots and lots of it!

See photos of a big pile of shrip she brought to Manila for us to eat. If you think that’s a lot already, then you might want to reconsider. The real story behind this is that I forgot to take pictures of a bigger pile-load of shrimps (that’s why it’s that much left). We already devoured a similar pile with that plenty shrimps as well.

Aren’t they wonderful looking creatures?
Yes. Inside my stomach, that is! :D

After our trip to the Senate, we went to the Mall of Asia to hang out and have some fun!

Upon arriving at the mall, I eagerly convinced my friends to pass by the White Hat to finally get to try the said “guiltless pleasure.” For weeks now, it has been creating a lot of buzz online, and blogger friends say that it’s a must try.

That made me curious to want to try it. And because it’s not like I get to visit MoA as often as I would like to, I thought that that was an opportune time to try it.

It wasn’t that hard finding the store. For my first ever White Hat Experience, I ordered the Large (Php 115) with 3 Toppings (+Php 45) : Banana, Granola and Dark Chocolate Chips.

I could eat this everyday! I really loved it. It was like frozen yakult, but only better. And since I am a banana+chocolate+nuts person, I really enjoyed my toppings too. Here are some of the 21 toppings you can choose from:

The White Hat® is a cup of SOOOOPER DELICIOUS ITALIAN FROZEN YOGURT topped with healthy premium toppings. It is 98% FAT-free and is good for the body. “A hat, I mean a cup, sells for P85 (regular cup) or P115 (large cup), plus your choice of toppings (P20 for 1, P35 for 2, P45 for 3).

Although it’s really good, and I’m sure i’ll come back for another one, I find it a little bit expensive for an ordinary student. I guess being in Mall of Asia once in a while is good enough reason to try it once again.

So here’s my White Hat Experience, what’s yours? :P

While the whole UP population in Diliman were rejoicing about the cancellation of classes, which they only knew when they were in UP already for their classes, we were south-bound to the hallowed halls of the Senate (as Tenai said) “in pursuit of knowledge” and experience.

The itinerary was a.) to meet up at Quezon avenue MRT station (9am) b.) to discuss with the Senate Secretariat the process of passing a law “How A Bill Becomes A Law” (11am) c.) to have lunch with Senator Miguel Zubiri (12nn) d.) to attend either of the two committee sessions *on the discussion regarding OFW labor issue or the privileged speech of Senator Joker Arroyo regarding Trillanes’ status as Senator (1pm) e.) to attend the plenary session (3pm) and f.) to go home (5pm).

But with the relentless and unforgiving strength of Storm Karen, the Senate staff and the people in the Senate were already allowed to go home 1pm. The afternoon itinerary was destroyed. The Committee and Plenary sessions were cancelled; thus, we were left to touring the Senate Museum and roaming around the Senate instead.

The Senate museum was great, though it housed fairly small amount of tokens, memorabilia and displays, I find it very educational and awesome.

All the Senate Presidents have portraits lined up on the walls of the museum. I took photos with my favorite Senate Presidents - Manuel L. Quezon, grandfather of Manolo, The Explainer, and Ferdinand Marcos.

We were called back to the Senators Lounge because Senator Zubiri was already there for our lunch. We hurriedly went back to the lounge, and he arrived shortly after us. I shook the hands of the senator. We discussed about pertinent issues the country is facing, and I think, with that encounter, I can say that he’s really knowledgeable and is hands-on with his work. He’s also very game in answering whatever we ask about.

After the lunch, we were left to ourselves, to wander (well at least that’s what we did) and take pictures of or with the stuff along the corridors (like the photo above with pictures of the senators on the wall).

After a while, we left already and went on our own separate ways. A lot of us, on the other hand, went to the Mall of Asia (including myself). Some of us haven’t been there before, and thus, they were really excited stepping on the grounds of the largest mall in Asia, for the first time.

You can see more pictures from the visit here at my Multiply Account. Photos of the event were taken using Athena’s camera and can be viewed here. The title of this post has no pun intended.

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