The State of the Nation Address 2008


Photo taken during SONA 2006

In a few hours the Filipino people and the whole world will be witnesses again of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address. In this once in a year report to the people, a lot of questions, doubts, and attacks have been thrown back to the president for the evident reasons such as increase in consumer and oil prices, and for all the anomalies that have happened since her last SONA. Though there are some praises, they are coming from her allies (of course).

The past 2 SONA’s, I’ve heard such grandiose and magical plans and visions of the government. I am not saying that those plans are bad. What I am saying is that I have heard plans and more plans each year. But the question right now is that, what did the government, through PGMA, accomplished (or is trying to accomplish) for the past year/s?

I invite everyone to be critical. Let us go back, remember, and ask ourselves what had happened to all of those promises and plans? Were they accomplished? Were they what the government delivered for the past year? Were they just icing on top of the cake (hoping that the cake would look better with that icing)?

Let us decide. Let the people decide. Let’s all watch the SONA, and after, share a thought, feeling or critcism. You, what do you think about the SONA? :)

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