IamChange meeting yesterday. I met Ateneo Sanggunian President Omar CastaƱar. I got to meet Gio also, who treated us for dinner (thanks!). Now I think I met all the core group members. All that I can say is that IAC is getting more and more exciting and bigger! :) Pinoys, watch out!

Anyway… I would just like to inform everyone that:

I will be gone starting today up until Sunday. Don’t try to find me :P All CSA related matters should go through Alvene. Acads stuff, email or text me, but I won’t reply. I shall have my well deserved rest and mini-break from all the hassles that acads and orgs and school, in general, bring. All work related stuff, email me. I shall get back to you when I come back to reality.

Off to somewhere PEACEFUL & RELAXING! BuhBye! :P

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