I had a great time with BFFL minus Rog, and Kent (aka. Mr. Sasaki). Barbie, Reg, Tenai and I pushed through with The Dark Knight yesterday afternoon at Trinoma. The last movie/escapade/outing we did was Cloverfield, which wasn’t a good movie by the way. This trumps that over more than a hundred times!

If only we discuss this kind of stuff in Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector, instead of some stuff we were discussing, I am sure that more people will get to recite. We may not be able to discuss this movie in just one class meeting. This is a perfect example of Ethic of Justice and Ethic of Care. Ah, but I digress. This movie is so mind-moving and really awesome! I’m glad we pushed through. You guys should really go and see the movie.



After going around, then eating dinner, and meeting up with Janel, we headed to Dencio’s to chill and bond and eat and drink. Yesterday was a great night. Thanks guys! :)



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  1. Why is he aka mr sasaki eh he’s really mister sasaki? XD

  2. hahahah! its an inside joke.. coz coz we’re all calling him mr. sasaki instead of kent :P

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