I arrived home to these 3 (actually 4, but they finished all of the other one) new snacks they bought today. Since they’re fairly new in the market (or to me at least), I thought that I would share it with you guys. Oh and, what better way to keep yourself awake while you are studying than to munch these stuff up. :3


Goya’s Crispy Chocs (Crunchy Rice Crispies in Milk Chocolate); Arcor’s Saladix Snacks (Parmesano); and Champola’s POP POP (Rice Crispies covered with Chocolate!!!)

Crispy Chocs - Goya’s products have been very popular to the Filipino chocolate-lover consumers, who want a cheap but quality alternative. Crispy Chocs mini-pebble sized rice crispies covered with chocolate. No need for more explanations - it’s Goya guys! :)

POP POP - Now this is Champola’s own rice crispies covered with chocolate. Think Nerds but x10 bigger, and it’s covered with chocolate. Personally, I like this better than Crispy Chocs. It’s not about the chocolate, because I love both of them. I think it’s about how everything goes together.

Both of these choco-rice-crispies really remind me of the Choco Flakes we buy as pasalubong from Baguio. Yummy!

Saladix Parmesano - I thought this would be really boring and plain, but looks could be very deceiving. I actually like it. It exudes this salty-cheesy flavor that’s just what makes it very interesting and exciting to eat.

Commuting is getting on to my nerve. I’ve conceded to the fact that no matter what I have to commute everyday. Although prices of oil/gas have been skyrocketing and are still going up up and away, the alternative, commuting, is still really burdensome. I conclude that it’s really expensive to go to places, commuting or driving your own.

Summary of my transportation expense today:

House to Gate (via trike) - Php 12.-
Fairview to Philcoa (via bus) - Php 25.-
Philcoa to UP (via taxi - because I was already late!) - Php 48.-
Palma Hall to NCPAG (via jeep) - Php 7.-

NCPAG to Palma Hall (via jeep) - Php 7.-

Palma Hall to Miriam College - Free!!! Thanks JM and Pam! :3

Miriam College to Tandangsora (via trike) - Php 40.-

Tandangsora to Fairview (via bus) - Php 13.-

Gate to House (via trike) - Php 12.-


I pay, more or less, 164 pesos just to go to school, and do some extra-curricular activity, and go back home. It’s too much for an ordinary college student. ARGH! I hate that fact. Imagine those who live farther, and have to commute even longer distances. I am sure they pay even more just for their transportation fare.

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