After watching Mamma Mia with Kim, Beljo, Little Mawnster Kay and Ima Ned, we had dinner at Trinoma. (Aside: I think that Mamma Mia is a good movie. Abba music rocks! *right mawnster?* It made me laugh a lot of times, though Ima was filled with emotions because of the story.)

Since they all knew that I have already tried almost all of the restaurants there (because of the SPOT Tour a few months back), they were all pointing at me to decide where to eat.

No, we didn’t end up eating mawnster food, but instead, we finally decided to try Haiku. Kay treated us because it was her birthday! :3

We ordered the #3 Sushi-Maki Combination Platter. (I forgot the real name of the dish..) We also asked our server to put in some Crazy Maki, since Beljo and I really wanted to try it. Their Sushi-Maki platter was relatively good, though, for me, it wasn’t anything special.

I still love the salmon from Ebisu. We ordered Ebi Tempura (staple food in every Japanese restaurant?) It was big and better than a lot of Tempura I’ve eaten. Though Kim was saying that the sauce was a little bit too ginger-tasting, I liked it that way.

We also got the Ribeye Steak Teppanyaki (local) and the Scallop Teppanyaki (local). The beef was good. The scallop, on the other hand, was a little bit dry and not that fresh I guess.

This next dish wasn’t on their menu. It was a really yummy prawn and crab sticks concoction which, according to them, is their best-seller in their Makati branch.

It’s called something like Grilled Ebi-Kani. It was 5 large pieces of grilled prawns with kani and mayonnaise on top. We all enjoyed this dish. It was delicious because it was all fresh and it really melts in your mouth. One good point was that the mayo didn’t really overpower the dish.

Over-all my Haiku experience was very filling and one of the good Japanese restaurants around. One quibble though is that the prices of the food were a little bit steep.

Photos taken from Kim’s camera-phone.
Thanks a lot Kim and Beljo! :)

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