We surprised Chris Ng and Karol Yee last Friday night at Arcadia Clubhouse. Although they weren’t that surprised because of some people who slipped or wrong texted them, we sure had a lot of fun. People from CSA (old and new), MassComm, CLC, and their HS friends went.

I didn’t know that CSA people can also “party.” Fun! But anyway, I can say that that night was definitely a “night to remember forever.”

I also can’t believe how brave and daring Sarah and half of the CSA people, who were present that night, were. Fire, Drinks, Spirits, Plungers, and all that.

Needless to say, it wouldn’t be complete without the Sober Club, a mobile bar who spread their wackiness and liven up the despedida, and even got the non-drinkers drinking. The bar and their drinks were very colorful indeed.

Tiffy arrived later, and the night became more amazing… let’s just put it at that. To Karol and Chris, best of luck in Melby! :)


Photos by Sarah Wu and Oliver Co

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