In my frequent visits to Petron La Vista, Katipunan, I have dined in The Sicilian Express two times now. While I considered my first visit to be a disaster, today was pretty good.

Before, I ordered the Seafood Marinara (Pescatore) and the Creamy Chicken Soup. The soup was very thick and creamy with lots of chicken, onions,P1010088 and herbs, which came with two bite-sized bread sticks. I loved it. At that time, it was raining hard. The soup was served really hot, so it was a great filling experience. On the other hand, the pasta was a disaster. It looked like it just came out from the microwave oven. The taste wasn’t so great also.

Today, Blanch and I ordered a Sicilian Chicken Sandwich (Php 85) and a regular 10″ Cheese and Garlic Pizza (Php 210). The sandwich, which is one of the favorites of Reg, was surprisingly okay. Though the bread was smothered with this P1010088strong butter taste on the inside of the bread, the filling of chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo was good, in the normal sense.

The pizza was their main attraction! The simplicity of the mix of cheese with garlic and a sweet tomato sauce base on thin crust definitely stole the show. Though the cheese didn’t really stand out that much, for what it’s worth, I like it. For me, this is a little better than the Quattro Formaggio I ate last time I went to Amici.

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