The State of the Nation Address 2008


Photo taken during SONA 2006

In a few hours the Filipino people and the whole world will be witnesses again of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address. In this once in a year report to the people, a lot of questions, doubts, and attacks have been thrown back to the president for the evident reasons such as increase in consumer and oil prices, and for all the anomalies that have happened since her last SONA. Though there are some praises, they are coming from her allies (of course).

The past 2 SONA’s, I’ve heard such grandiose and magical plans and visions of the government. I am not saying that those plans are bad. What I am saying is that I have heard plans and more plans each year. But the question right now is that, what did the government, through PGMA, accomplished (or is trying to accomplish) for the past year/s?

I invite everyone to be critical. Let us go back, remember, and ask ourselves what had happened to all of those promises and plans? Were they accomplished? Were they what the government delivered for the past year? Were they just icing on top of the cake (hoping that the cake would look better with that icing)?

Let us decide. Let the people decide. Let’s all watch the SONA, and after, share a thought, feeling or critcism. You, what do you think about the SONA? :)

IamChange meeting yesterday. I met Ateneo Sanggunian President Omar CastaƱar. I got to meet Gio also, who treated us for dinner (thanks!). Now I think I met all the core group members. All that I can say is that IAC is getting more and more exciting and bigger! :) Pinoys, watch out!

Anyway… I would just like to inform everyone that:

I will be gone starting today up until Sunday. Don’t try to find me :P All CSA related matters should go through Alvene. Acads stuff, email or text me, but I won’t reply. I shall have my well deserved rest and mini-break from all the hassles that acads and orgs and school, in general, bring. All work related stuff, email me. I shall get back to you when I come back to reality.

Off to somewhere PEACEFUL & RELAXING! BuhBye! :P

Sheena will leave for Singapore tomorrow.
She visited C.S.A. for the last time today…
I’m certain that people will super duper miss
her… loud voice, cheerful attitude, and
her reverberating laughter. Through her ups
and downs, her barkada and friends were there
to support her. We all wish her the best of luck,
and success in all her endeavors and in her studies.
God Bless and Take Care Sheena! :) >:D<


*In Picture: Me, Madie, Sheena*


The 5 Fuwa - Beibei is the Fish; Jingjing, the Panda; Huanhuan, the Olympic flame; Yingying, the Tibetan Antelope and Nini, the Swallow. Then when you see the names together: Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni, you read: “Welcome to Beijing.”

I have 2 boxes available for $129 or Php 6,000 pesos each. Please leave me a message here or at for inquiries, etc. Thanks! :)

I had a great time with BFFL minus Rog, and Kent (aka. Mr. Sasaki). Barbie, Reg, Tenai and I pushed through with The Dark Knight yesterday afternoon at Trinoma. The last movie/escapade/outing we did was Cloverfield, which wasn’t a good movie by the way. This trumps that over more than a hundred times!

If only we discuss this kind of stuff in Ethics and Accountability in the Public Sector, instead of some stuff we were discussing, I am sure that more people will get to recite. We may not be able to discuss this movie in just one class meeting. This is a perfect example of Ethic of Justice and Ethic of Care. Ah, but I digress. This movie is so mind-moving and really awesome! I’m glad we pushed through. You guys should really go and see the movie.



After going around, then eating dinner, and meeting up with Janel, we headed to Dencio’s to chill and bond and eat and drink. Yesterday was a great night. Thanks guys! :)



I knew Fr. Mena when he was the Treasurer of Xavier School. Though I’ve only gotten the chance to talk to him and get to know him better only when I was in 3rd year.

The strongest memory I have of Fr. Mena, besides the batch mass he did for our class during my 4th year, was that he is a man with a passion.

He has this huge collection of stamps, which I really admire. During that time, when he displayed his collection in the HS LRC, I was a frequent visitor. I was amazed at the enormous set of stamps, which covered more or less 13 countries from around the world. Ever since, I became more thrilled in expanding my collection. Thanks to Fr. Mena, I learned to appreciate the stamps that I have in my collection even more.

For more, I got really excited, and was very thankful because he shared his collection (excess) to the students who want to have stamps or who want to collect them. I remember that he had this whole big 2-3 foot box full of stamps.

Besides the stamp collecting, he was passionate about Xavier. His years of service to Xavier and, of course, his book, Luceat Lux, says it all. Without Fr. Mena, I personally think that Xavier wouldn’t be what/where it is today.

Early last Monday morning, the 14th of July 2008, Fr. SANTOS MENA, SJ joined his Creator after years of fighting cancer. He was 79 years of age. Upon his request, Fr. Mena returned to Spain to stay in the Jesuit Infirmary in Salamanca, Spain, where he received the medical care that he needed.Born in Cevico-Navero (Palencia), Fr. Mena entered the Novitiate in Salamanca on 30 July 1947. Soon after entering the Society, he was assigned to the China Mission. He was ordained a priest on 18 March 1962.

A memorial Mass will be held in honor of Fr. Mena today, Friday, July 18, 6:00 pm at the Xavier School Multi-Purpose Center. Alumni, colleagues, and friends of Fr. Mena are all invited to honor this great missionary who spent most of his life serving in Xavier School.

Notes of condolences may be sent to his sisters, Ma. Socorro Gonzalez Mena (Cisneros 6, 2 Izqda., 34004 Palencia, Spain) and Ma. Angeles Gonzalez Mena (Apartado de Correo 733, 34080 Palencia, Spain).

I arrived home to these 3 (actually 4, but they finished all of the other one) new snacks they bought today. Since they’re fairly new in the market (or to me at least), I thought that I would share it with you guys. Oh and, what better way to keep yourself awake while you are studying than to munch these stuff up. :3


Goya’s Crispy Chocs (Crunchy Rice Crispies in Milk Chocolate); Arcor’s Saladix Snacks (Parmesano); and Champola’s POP POP (Rice Crispies covered with Chocolate!!!)

Crispy Chocs - Goya’s products have been very popular to the Filipino chocolate-lover consumers, who want a cheap but quality alternative. Crispy Chocs mini-pebble sized rice crispies covered with chocolate. No need for more explanations - it’s Goya guys! :)

POP POP - Now this is Champola’s own rice crispies covered with chocolate. Think Nerds but x10 bigger, and it’s covered with chocolate. Personally, I like this better than Crispy Chocs. It’s not about the chocolate, because I love both of them. I think it’s about how everything goes together.

Both of these choco-rice-crispies really remind me of the Choco Flakes we buy as pasalubong from Baguio. Yummy!

Saladix Parmesano - I thought this would be really boring and plain, but looks could be very deceiving. I actually like it. It exudes this salty-cheesy flavor that’s just what makes it very interesting and exciting to eat.

Commuting is getting on to my nerve. I’ve conceded to the fact that no matter what I have to commute everyday. Although prices of oil/gas have been skyrocketing and are still going up up and away, the alternative, commuting, is still really burdensome. I conclude that it’s really expensive to go to places, commuting or driving your own.

Summary of my transportation expense today:

House to Gate (via trike) - Php 12.-
Fairview to Philcoa (via bus) - Php 25.-
Philcoa to UP (via taxi - because I was already late!) - Php 48.-
Palma Hall to NCPAG (via jeep) - Php 7.-

NCPAG to Palma Hall (via jeep) - Php 7.-

Palma Hall to Miriam College - Free!!! Thanks JM and Pam! :3

Miriam College to Tandangsora (via trike) - Php 40.-

Tandangsora to Fairview (via bus) - Php 13.-

Gate to House (via trike) - Php 12.-


I pay, more or less, 164 pesos just to go to school, and do some extra-curricular activity, and go back home. It’s too much for an ordinary college student. ARGH! I hate that fact. Imagine those who live farther, and have to commute even longer distances. I am sure they pay even more just for their transportation fare.

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