I received this mail from Austria today. I was using the Wi-Fi over at Treats when my I saw my brother’s plurk post about a letter that was delivered addressed to me. The very inquisitive brother opened my letter (how rude! >:P) and was surprised that the mail contained stickers.

I guess his instincts told him to search for what that was all about. Weeks or months ago, I emailed requesting for stickers on UrbanTakeover.

UrbanTakeover is an alternate reality game in your city.

You claim spots/territory by putting up stickers (in real life) and sending them a text message or entering the address on the website.

  1. stick stickers in the city
  2. mark your territory on a map
  3. be notified, when someone crosses you

You want to stick with us? Let’s conquer Manila! Visit the site, and join in the fun!

4 Responses to “UrbanTakeover”

  1. this sounds like eksena manila. or that lost game (i forget its name) where you needed to spread a certain link without using the net. :D and get as many people to check out that link.

  2. did you pay for the stickers?

  3. cool!
    you have plurk? me too :D Here in Brazil is still recent

  4. @kilawinguwak kinda like.. hahaha

    @Raein nope i didnt! :|

    @luty yeah! i have plurk! add me up! (superbong)

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