The Siglo, UP Centennial Collection:
This isn’t anything on the Centennial items that are being sold by UP. These following items are sold by the University Student Council, as part of their fund raising activities this centennial year. Earlier today, I bought the black jacket (because I think it is the coolest of them all!) for Php 800. The white and maroon ones sell for Php 700. Other items include a jersey, lanyard and the jackets.


These items sell really fast! Now you see it, and then you don’t. After just like 5 minutes, everything’s practically sold, gone. And did I say that the line started from AS parking lot (where they are selling) to around CAL already?

If you want to purchase any of these items, they will be available next week Tuesday and Friday at the USC Office in Vinzons Hall from 4pm-6pm.

17 Responses to “UP Centennial Items”

  1. I want the jacket!

  2. @Raein will you buy? when? :P

  3. hi!:)

    is the print on the white hoodie jacket the same as the black on?gold din? and does the white one have the seal on the hood as well? :)

  4. That’s it!? Gosh! Honestly, I was expecting something cooler, what with all the fuss everyone’s been making over it… No offense, of course.

  5. @dry ice yeah! they should’ve made it better! pero this one was the better one out of the three jackets…owel

  6. Can you please post actual pics of the maroon and white jacket.. pretty please.. XD

  7. do you guys still sell the jackets? i really want the jacket.. and how much does it cost? please e-mail me if you guys are still selling it

  8. @angelo it’s the University Student Council who sells them.

  9. Thank you very much for the great information-
    Thanks 511 jackets

  10. may logo din ba sa hood ng white hoodie? yung nakuha ko kasi wala.. tapos P800 !_! bumuli ako nov. 28

  11. Hello! Are there any more SIGLO hoodies available for sale?

  12. are there any more of the black jackets for sale nowadays? i asked one of my friend who just had it recently and he said he got it from the bahay ng alumni; but when i went there yesterday, the lady said they don’t have it anymore… hope to hear from you! thanks!!!

  13. try mo sa Vinzon’s Hall sa USC Room :) but i know tuesdays lang sila nagbebenta

  14. walang logo yung white hoodie :P black lang

  15. mron pa po b nung black ?? na hoodie and san po pwde mkabili :D
    ang mganda kc thx po kng sno man mka2sgot :D

  16. meron pa po ba sa vinzon’s nung hoodie? hapon pa din ba sila nagbebenta? thanks!

  17. hi guys.. i happened to order a jacket for my brother who’s in Bahrain ryt now. nagorder ako ng XL pero Medium ang napunta sakin at hindi sya kasha sa kuya ko. it’s brand new and I just got it this April since hindi ako nadadaan sa org. it’s the black one with gold print.. its Male Medium. i’ll sell it for the same price i got it, P800. but there’s a possibility ill put it up on ebay for bidding. if anyone’s interested pls email me at

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