I was reading through the posts of my contacts in Multiply, when I saw Kog’s “My Week So Far”. Since Kog is an alumni now teacher in Xavier High School, I was curious enough to take a look on how he has been doing “so far”; also, I knew that a lot of new stuff were added to the classrooms, and I just wanted to have a glimpse of what’s new.

Behold and be Amazed — I consider myself privileged to have studied from Xavier, and to have had a good Jesuit education. But I must emphasize that what they have now is like 5-star-hotel compared to our 3- or 4-star amenities before.

Before, we were situated in the Jesuits Residence Wing, where we had our wooden tables and chairs, and 2 air conditioning units. We were luckier back then; the batch after us were transfered to the high school building, where they all suffered/ endured the heat because they didn’t have air conditioning units. After that year, they reconstructed and did a face-lift to the fourth year classrooms. But now, they were successful in implementing the changes to all high school classrooms.

And here is our classroom, H4B, back then at the Jesuit Residence wing. Focus on the second photo — that’s our adviser, Simoneil Mendoza, using the computer with a tv screen inside a “wooden box.”

Photos By: Sean Tiu


This is the new classrooms that they have in the high school building. *drum rolls* Now they all have a locker outside the room. (shucks - we didn’t have those!)

Photo By: Kog

They already replaced all the wooden chairs and tables, and gave them plastic. I say I still love the wooden/ natural/ earthy feel to it. Before, our tables had locks/lockers right below the top of the table. You can put your stuff inside; and now, obviously they can’t anymore.

Photo By: Kog

This is what I envy. Grar! They have a screen and LCD projector built in their classrooms (think: DLSU). For more, they have speakers inside their classrooms. To top it all off, welcome to the winter wonderland — better air conditioning system.

Photos By: Kog

Oh I forgot, have I mentioned, Mac Labs! FTW! (for the win) Okay, I’ll stop here, right? *hehe*

I promise this would be the last. Move your attention to the small piece of paper on top of the MacBook. “Gadget Pass” — yes, you’re not dreaming of hallucinating. During our time (not so many years ago), we brought in our digital cameras/ SLRs/ laptops/ video cameras freely. It seems that they cannot do that as much as they want or as freely anymore. Xavier’s probably thinking of “equality among peers,” which I think is just right.

Photo By: Kog

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