My uncle Martin just came home from Singapore; so did Kimberly, who came back from Canada some couple of weeks earlier. We decided to go out and just eat, watch a movie and eat again.

We met uncle at his office (he’s hotelling at IBM, IBM Plaza). Kim and I got kind of lost, because we went in and looked for him at IBM in 1800. Silly. We didn’t know there are two IBM buildings there. We got a 5 minute tour of the office, and of the typewriters (really old) IBM used to make, with matching history lessons.

We ate at Ebisu Izakaya, and it was a great choice, because everything we ate was just great! I give it 4/5 stars relative to the quality of food, price, ambiance and cleanliness.

We got the Shitake Mushroom Soup made of fresh/real shitake mushrooms, Crab Puffs which is fried wanton stuffed with crab and cream cheese, Salmon Crips which has fresh salmon with spicy cream over crispy gyoza wrapper, Dory Teppanyaki which was pan fried Cream Dory fish sauteed in teppanyaki sauce, Ebisu Roll which is a kind of sushi with scallops, shitake mushrooms with sesame cream sauce, Salmon Roll, which is inside-out salmon makis topped with wasabi cream and tobiko, and Ebi Tempura :3

Also, we ordered, actually my uncle ordered, the Sake Bomb, which contained more beer than sake. I didn’t like it. And it defeated the purpose of having me try Sake for the first time. He ordered the Cold Sake after. Now this is another story - I love it. It wasn’t as hard or as strong as vodka, and it smells better.

After lunch,  we bought tickets to Sex and The City. Uncle went back to work, and left Kim and me to roam around. We didn’t know where to go or what to do, so we decided to roam around the mall, then eat Blizzard at Dairy Queen. After that, we went to roam around again, and fell to trying the tea of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Since Achi Columbia was telling me that the Japanese Cherry Tea of CBTL was the bomb, I tried that (cold), and I really liked it.

After the movie, we went back to IBM, because uncle had some stuff to do first before we go and eat dinner. Kim and I did some kind of masterpiece he didn’t know because he was busy doing some “stuff” on the computer. So here it is. I hope uncle won’t kill us? hahaha!

Kim treated us to Zao, because it was her birthday today! It was really a fun day of food, movie and bonding :)

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