I’m back from the retreat! (retreat post soon) I was really sleepy when I got to Promenade; and since I don’t have anything to do, I decided to kill time by finally watching Caregiver.

I wanted to watch this not only because this film’s something I feel that’s important at present in our society, in our country, but also because this film is the baby of former Xavier English teacher, Jewel Castro. (go Ms. Castro!)

I tell you, the film really caught my 100% attention. Even though I was tired, I didn’t, at any point in the film, felt that I wanted to doze off. This film’s not your typical drama; it has a lot of whimsical and humorous parts, and parts that will really move you as well. It made me laugh and teary-eyed. It’s a movie that will show you to move on, work hard, and struggle to reach what you dream of doing…of attaining. It’s really fantastic and heart-warming.

Though I found some acting parts weird, or wasn’t carried out well, the story brought home the bacon. I really recommend that you watch it. :)

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