I received this mail from Austria today. I was using the Wi-Fi over at Treats when my I saw my brother’s plurk post about a letter that was delivered addressed to me. The very inquisitive brother opened my letter (how rude! >:P) and was surprised that the mail contained stickers.

I guess his instincts told him to search for what that was all about. Weeks or months ago, I emailed requesting for stickers on UrbanTakeover.

UrbanTakeover is an alternate reality game in your city.

You claim spots/territory by putting up stickers (in real life) and sending them a text message or entering the address on the website.

  1. stick stickers in the city
  2. mark your territory on a map
  3. be notified, when someone crosses you

You want to stick with us? Let’s conquer Manila! Visit the site, and join in the fun!

While strolling in SM Fairview yesterday afternoon, my mom saw Bodhi along the stretch of restaurants at the ground floor food court.

And since I really wanted to try Bodhi out, and I guess the same goes with my mom, we decided to buy food there for dinner.

We were really inquisitive about the food they were selling there. We asked about everything they had and what it is made of. We then decided to take out the pancit (stir-fried noodles) (Php 40 per order), the beef steak which was their best seller (according to the lady who was assisting us) (Php 60 per order), and the barbeque with sauce (Php 55 per order).

To be honest, I didn’t like it that much. I guess it goes without saying that beef and pork and chicken can’t really be replaced by any vegie substitute pretending to be the real thing. (Or what I just ate wasn’t really prepared well enough? But that’s another speculation)

Any ideas, comments, and suggestions? They’re really very welcome.

The Siglo, UP Centennial Collection:
This isn’t anything on the Centennial items that are being sold by UP. These following items are sold by the University Student Council, as part of their fund raising activities this centennial year. Earlier today, I bought the black jacket (because I think it is the coolest of them all!) for Php 800. The white and maroon ones sell for Php 700. Other items include a jersey, lanyard and the jackets.


These items sell really fast! Now you see it, and then you don’t. After just like 5 minutes, everything’s practically sold, gone. And did I say that the line started from AS parking lot (where they are selling) to around CAL already?

If you want to purchase any of these items, they will be available next week Tuesday and Friday at the USC Office in Vinzons Hall from 4pm-6pm.

 UP Centennial Stamp

 The UP Centennial Stamp was launched in the celebrations last June 18, at the Oblation Plaza by the UP Officials headed by President Roman. “The 4 designs of the UP Centennial Commemorative Stamps include the Oblation, the Carillon, the UP Seal, and the Centennial Logo. These are featured in the Folder, Souvenir Sheet, and Official First Day Cover.”

I was very happy to have purchased the stamps, right after the launch, for my collection.

You may place your reservations with the OVPA, UP System, Quezon Hall, UP Diliman, Quezon City with telephone numbers 925-6721 or 925-0984 c/o Jovie/Billy or e-mail at ovpa@up.edu.ph.

I’m actually really happy right now to find out that Gian took the duty as head of the Appreciation Day Committee. The Appreciation Day Committee or the A-day Committee is responsible for the events for that single day in the last few weeks of September (September 26 for this year) wherein students recognize and feel proud of their teachers and other school staff and employees.

I was once the head of it when I was back in 4th year high school, and I am proud to say that since then, all the heads of the A-day Committee (Sherwin, Rod, and now Gian) was with my team back in 2006. Go Gian! Continue the Legacy! :)

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Last June 18, 2008 marked the 100th Birthday of the University of the Philippines. Celebrations were supposed to start 05:30 a.m., with the Photo-Op of the 100 Oblation poses; but unfortunately, it was canceled due to reasons unspecified. Instead, it officially started 08:00am at the Oblation Plaza, where every department, college and student were represented.




But before the official start of everything, it kicked off with the Parada Patungong Oblation Plaza (Parade going to the Oblation Plaza) with the U.P. Constituents, GHQ and QC Bands around the Academic Oval. Basically the bands, while playing, fetched all the contingents waiting around the Academic Oval.


After everyone arrived at the Oblation Plaza, we started with the singing of the national anthem, LP1010066upang Hinirang, which was led by the bands and the choirs present. (U.P. Symphonic Band, GHQ Band, QC Band, U.P. Cherubim and Seraphim, U.P. Staff Chorale and Dean Ramon Acoymo)


Right after the national anthem, we sang the U.P. Naming Mahal (U.P. school song), which followed by the singing of Happy Birthday U.P. (to the tune of “Happy Birthday to You”) after.




P1010046President Emerlinda Roman gave a speech after, on the balcony of the Quezon Hall. Being on top of everyone and commanding everyone’s attention is the most amazing way to deliver a speech, really. Nearing the end of her speech, she pulled off a “text” joke, saying that the text message/ announcement coming from the higher ups was late/ just arrived. Everyone was shouting and really ecstatic at that moment.

She later announced that as per approval of the Department of Budget and Management and signed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the centennial bonus of 20,000 pesos will be released to the UP workers. She instructed all accounting offices to process the pay already. Everyone was jumping, very happy with that news.P1010048


After the speech, the newly elected officials of the University Student Council were sworn into office.


After that, President Emerlinda Roman, and other U.P. officials led the launch and the unveiling of the new U.P. Centennial Stamps.


P1010072Almost everyone was holding red/maroon and green balloons for the synchronized release of the balloons at the end of the event at the Oblation Plaza. The emcee counted from 1 to 20. After he said 20, everyone bid goodbye (and of course, wished for good fortune and a good year also) and released their balloons to the skies.


I bought a set of the U.P. stamps for my collection (watch out for the centennial stamps post later). Everyone headed to Vinzons Hall for some food and refreshments, and the launch of the Vinzons Hall, as a more student-centric establishment.


UP National College of Public Administration and Governance

More Photos at 100 Photos in UP’s 100th

I recently knew about this “new” hang-out place I will surely be frequenting this semester. Where can you get food galore, air-conditioned place, and free wifi all at the same time? Well. There’s no better place to have all those, than in Petron Treats along Katipunan Avenue.

Since I have 4 and 1/2 hours break, I guess this is the best place to kill time and just enjoy, and probably read and study if I have some stuff, right? :P

I was able to hunt down the very endangered/elusive species - the Toki - for more, the FREE RIDE Toki jeep, which I rode from the College of Arts and Letters area going to NCPAG. I must admit that I felt happy that I got to ride in it. Hey, it’s not everyday you can see free rides in UP–so don’t blame me ^^;;

Not only that, after my class in NCPAG, I wanted to ride the Free Toki going to the Arts and Sciences building (Palma Hall), but I failed to do so because the jeepneys weren’t stopping for us. That’s so unfair and so infuriating, really. There were 3 Tokis that passed us, but they weren’t stopping or giving a hint that they’ll stop at all; this is why I opted to ride the Free Ikot instead of waiting for nothing.

Another thing that I noticed is the ignorance of people about the free ride. They still try to reach and give their payment, only knowing after the driver says “libreng sakay po” (the ride is free) that the ride is really free.

Well, to emphasize, it’s true that not everyday you get free rides in UP, so I guess people were really confused at the same time really thankful for it.

Because of this treat con advertising promo of Accenture (yes, fine, there, free advertising for the company…haha) I was able to save 28 pesos — not bad, not bad! That’s one very cold drink from CASAA or some place else to quench my thirst from the very warm and humid mornings in UP.

I am sure that this free ride every Tuesday until December thingy going around made everyone happy today, even though they don’t really know why they are given such comfort. But after a while, I think they’ll be aware of this and would kill one another just to get a free ride? (I hope not!)

Thank you for the free rides! ;)

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