I am a chocolate addict, and I eat almost anything chocolate. But you all know, or at least you now know, that I love my chocolates with mint. And after I have read about this “export quality” chocolates by Goya, which is a Philippine product, in AJ’s food blog, I became very excited and vowed I would hunt it down. And after our meeting today at my house, I had the craving for it. I went to SM Fairview to buy, and I guess being a chocolate addict that I am, I opted to get more of Goya’s products.

Well, AJ, this Goya bloggers rush is the “in thing”, thanks to you. You/we should be paid already for advertising. (just kidding - but why not?) :P

Goya Dark Almonds - Whole Almonds covered with Dark Chocolate (Php 23.50) (USD$0.55)

A pack contains 9-almost-1-inch oblong chocolate balls with almonds in its core. First of all, I should say that this Goya product (along with the ones you see below) can compete internationally; really, it’s delicious. The chocolate just melts in your mouth, and the almond is just fantastic. You get a hint of dark chocolate, but I wouldn’t be so “OMG it’s dark chocolate!” because it has a milk component in it. I would’ve liked it to be “pure” dark chocolate. That would be awesome.

Second to mint-chocolates, I love my chocolates with almond, thus I really enjoyed this.

Goya Black &White
- Dark & White Chocolate (Php 27.50) (USD$0.65)

I was set on buying just the Gooya Dark Mint, but after seeing this, I thought of giving it a shot as well.

White Chocolate - Among all the chocolates there are, white chocolate don’t fancy me. I can eat it from time to time, but thinking of having a lot, does the opposite - it makes me cringe. So, I was relieved when, out of the 9 pieces in the box, there were just 4 while chocolate pieces. Bringing it up to your mouth, you can already smell the “milky” taste. But like the other Goya chocolate products, it melts in your mouth. It has this greasy, milk, strong taste.

Dark Chocolate - The smell is better than that of the white chocolate. It melts quickly in your mouth too. The taste is just like the Dark with almonds, except that this has no almonds in it. My dad likes this better than the white chocolate also.

Goya Dark Mint - Dark Chocolate with Mint (Php 27.50) (USD$0.65)

It’s like the Dark Chocolate, but with mint. It melts in your mouth, and it smells really pleasant. You won’t see the usual color green which is associated with mint/ mint flavor (think Andes). The blend of the chocolate and the mint is wonderful, though I found the mint slightly overpowering. If it were “pure” dark chocolate, plus the mint, I am sure it would just explode in your mouth. True to the blogger hype, this is a must try. I’ll go with AJ in saying that “Goya Dark Mint is a chocolate brand that I can eat everyday!”

5 Responses to “Goya Chocolates”

  1. You can’t beat the price of those! For higher-quality stuff, my Creme de Menthe truffles is what I love (then again, I’m a bit biased). Anything made with Guittard chocolate is usually a winner!

  2. Ohhh~ I would love to try the Dark Almonds.

  3. @Katherine: I knooow.. But I’m sure your chocolates are better! How I would love to try them..:)

    @fairlady: go get some! :) it’s delish

  4. indeed goya products has its on statement (no doubt about it)
    and its showing definitely new approach to chocolate makers as well as lovers. its the taste that make it distinct and unmatched srp’s, w/ just 15 pesos for goya bars, who can resist getting one on the display shelves…
    go ahead guys enjoy the taste, there are still upcoming products to indulged with…

  5. thanks for liking the products! luckily, i became a student trainee in the company recently, that’s why i get unlimited free taste all the time while working inside the factory.

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