The Foodistas went to Antipolo today to do a little project (feature on street food) for Table for Three, Please. The place we went to is just outside the Antipolo Church, where the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is at. We all entered the church, and Joey took some shots. I prayed for peace of heart and mind for my friends and for myself. We proceeded to business after - went to the Pasalubong Center, where all the manangs are selling Antipolo and Philippine products.

After buying food, interviewing, taking pictures, we decided to dine at Vieux Chalet for lunch, since we were around the area already. It was a road trip! :3 We didn’t know where it was. We got lost (slash) felt we were lost, but Vieux Chalet was worth it and all that! At the end of the trip, we hit two birds with one stone - the feature and the resto review. I had a great time :)

MF @ Vieux Chalet Photo from: Joey

After everything, I got off at Katipunan, had my hair cut (my hair’s not ugly anymore Achi Denise) and waited for Aldwin at Ateneo before going to Earl’s house for a little class reunion. Earl just got back from Cornell and we had dinner at his house; plus we played Wii (Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party for the win). Too bad I didn’t get to take pictures. Good thing Alex Uy brought his camera…and took all the shots.

ADMU’s Church of the Gesu

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  1. Did tiffy also get a haircut??

    The suman mascot is so cute.

  2. yeah tiffy did..bagay nh!? :))

    suman mascot.. errr… the suman’s really YUMMY!

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