No one will argue when I say that the 2 biggest competing fast food companies in the Philippines are McDonald’s and Jollibee. One American, one Filipino. One foreign, one local. And who would have thought that they can see eye to eye, or in this case, shoulder to shoulder?

“Why can’t we be friends?”

I saw these photos from Kenrick Nocom’s (my HS classmate) multiply site. It was their Planning Seminar, and of course, no one could think and work with empty stomachs, so they decided to order from McDonald’s, Jollibee and KFC. Unfortunately, or fortunately, McDo and Jollibee arrived at the same time. And the rest was history. :3

Transcending restaurans rivalry in bringing quality and on time service to those who are hungry, and to those who are in need of satisfying their fast food cravings. That’s what these food establishments are for anyway. Peace!

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