Chocolate Mint (Php 98/slice) of Annabel Lee Gourmet and Finest Cheesecake Last month, I was hanging out with my friends at Promenade Greenhills when I saw this cake at Annabel Lee’s, and since then, I really wanted to try it. And it was not until today, when I was with my family, that I got to try it.

It was wonderfully plated, as expected, simple, with chocolate and strawberry syrup drizzled like art beside, topped with green sprinkles, whip cream and a chocolate wafer-stick. I had a little hard time cutting through with my fork. It had this rubbery gelatin-like chocolate first layer, the second and third layers was mousse-like, while the bottom had this thin chocolate cake-y bottom, which I really enjoyed. It also lack the mint-y aftertaste, which failed my cravings for it. I expected it to be better. I think that it didn’t give me what I am craving for, and it’s not worth that much.

But since I am kind-of dieting for tomorrow’s big food tour, I had my parents and my lola finish the cake after I gave it several bites. :3

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  1. First time I’ve heard of mint cheesecake.:P Or is it just from a cheesecake resto but no actually cheesecake?o_O

    I’m confused.o_o

    Anyway, isn’t that sad when the presentation’s really great but the actual food isn’t?:( Oh well, at least you get to enjoy more food on your blog food tour thing!^_^

  2. yeah i doubt it has cheese…i didn’t taste any..

    i agree.. ohwell. so my search for the best chocolate mint cake still goes on :))

    yeah! and OHMY! super full again!!! x.x;;

  3. 98php per slice is robbery :/
    Chockiss is cheaper!
    I wanna go out soon with my friends :3

  4. chocokiss is cheaper.. but their cakes aren’t that good either. yeah it is robbery haha! :\

  5. iheartbadtz: aye, aye. Nothing’s more disappointing than food that looks great but tastes like paper.

    Brian, try the mint gelato at Amici if you haven’t tried it yet. I loved it!

  6. i love that! :) hehe i tried it already! :3 yumm

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