Yesterday I was with A, P and Pi at Trinoma. It was the first leg of the’s Exclusive Bloggers Tour. We were with the Green group with Karl Bustamante, Community Editor of SPOT, “a savvy city guide that’s proudly local which aims to make city living easier by helping you find the cool places to eat, chill, dine, and play.”

It’s their first time to attend such event. It’s my second (I attended the Trinoma-Yehey Bloggers’ Food Tour last January 10) :3 I can say this one by SPOT is better just because it has more restaurants, and they are more accommodating and fun.

..with Pats and Ainna..

..and one very hungry Pi! (or at this point, very full?)

Although we were required to go to all 19 participating restaurants in Trinoma to have them sign our SPOT PASS, some of us, didn’t try the food from the other restaurants. (I was really full by the time we were at Five Cows. I reserved space for the other restaurants.)In order: Ruby Tuesday + Cyma + Holy Cow Chop House + Jack’s Loft + Red Box + Bubba Gump + TGIF + Italianni’s + Fish & Co. + Cafe Breton + Starbucks + Five Cows + Abe + Haiku + Madison Grill + La Maison + Recipes + Cold Rock + Krispy Kreme

After everything you’ve eaten, you’ll be in heaven (because the food is plenty and yummy), but dragged down to earth just right after (because you’re that full, and you feel like throwing up already?).

If you ask me what’s the best part of it all? Simple. We were served the best dishes from only the best restaurants! See you guys at the second leg - Serendra and Bonifacio High Street get ready for us on Monday! We shall complete the other 2 SPOT PASSES (Serendra and High Street) to get our surprise from SPOT! :3

I finally met Maki Eduardo of Other people who stood out were Jester of and Nina of I saw BA Racoma and Tita Dine also! :)


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  1. Too bad I wasn’t there :c

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