We planned to watch Forbidden Kingdom today at Trinoma. But since a lot of unforeseen things happened, and an original attendance of 7 just became 3. I met up with Ainna hours before and we ate lunch at Oki Oki, this Japanese resto right adjacent to Max Restaurant at the ground floor.As I am really indecisive when it comes to ordering food for others, I just let Ainna do the picking. We ordered this Crazy Maki (Php 270). It was a lot larger than the normal maki you see anywhere. It was fried or breaded on the outside. The inside was just plain - seaweed, rice - just like an ordinary maki, but more of those two I just mentioned. It was topped off by kani salad. It was something new for me, and I think this is one of their better dishes. Caution though, you wouldn’t want put the whole thing in your mouth, it doesn’t fit.

And since I forgot to charge my digital camera, I had to use my cellphone for the next pictures. Sadly. We also got their Tofu Steak (Php 125). It had pork, lots of onions and other vegetables with it. I would say that it’s nothing new, nothing spectacular about it, but it was actually better than most I’ve tried.

The next dish is the Yakitori Chicken (Php 110). It was grilled chicken in skewers, with this vegetable. Ainna says it’s leek. The sauce was great. The chicken was soft and tender. It had this lettuce with it, for presentation.

Lastly, we ordered Yaki Soba (Php 225). It had this moving thingy, Bonito Flakes (fish flakes), on top. Ainna’s comment on this dish was that it was like Pansit Canton. Truly, it looks like it. But it had all these seafood and vegetables in it, so that’s good. The dish tasted okay. But I like this dish the least among everything.

After lunch, she decided she wants to eat dessert, so we went to Razon’s to buy their famous halo-halo. We saw Neil, Harroun and Maxi having a 3-way date. (yihee) :3

We headed to the movie house and met up with Merryan for the movie. I liked it. Even though people said that it wasn’t that good, I think it’s one of the movies I would love to watch again, just because of the fight scenes and the humorous twists. Don’t get me wrong, it’s something I would watch because it’s just fun to watch it, not because of the story though.

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  1. Oh Crazy Maki! I love that. XD

  2. I’ve never tried crazy maki.. It does look a little crazy 0_o

    Anyway, Brian, you’re always in Trinoma. hahah

  3. @fairlady-z: hee. :3

    @polkadotrn: yar! :)) i saw auntie mapi, earvin and lester, and uncle peter yesterday :)) let’s go out when you’re free?

  4. Ah. Is that the movie starring Jackie Chan?

  5. hi tingal! :) yeah! jackie chan and jet li! :)

  6. superbong: i’m hardly ever free these days :( When I AM free, all I really want to do is SLEEP. :(

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