Manila Foodistas is now officially online ♥

Please come visit us at :o)

12 Responses to “Manila Foodistas Launch!”

  1. Aww we’re so adorable!

  2. hee :3

  3. Alright! Hurrah! XD

  4. Congratulations. :)

  5. thanks! :)

  6. looking forward to reading this blog! :)

  7. thanks A LOT! :3

  8. I only recognised steffi and bong from the pictures!

    Is there anyone I know who is also in the pictures? Fairlady?

  9. no no raein and bong only! :) oh..and spellbinder if you know him :)

  10. Dear Tingal didn’t recognize me :c

  11. Shucks! I mean tiffy and bong! That’s a typo! Sorry, my dear tiffy!

  12. oh noes! u made the tiffy mad? x.x hahaha! :P look at her blog :\

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