Since I wasn’t able to go out and celebrate Earth Hour with the people in CCP Complex, where all the festivities were, we observed it instead at home. At exactly 08:00pm, my dad turned off the power. No electricity in the house. We lit candles for lighting.

To pass time, we took pictures of ourselves instead. I would link the photo album here, but I’d rather not because it’s all vanity pictures. You don’t want to see that. :))

An hour passed. A lot of pictures were taken. Earth Hour done. I’m glad we did it. I really hope we have Earth Hour every month at least?

8 Responses to “Earth Hour @ Home”

  1. nice suggestion! :) my hubbybubbly went (i didnt, nobody to take care of the kids…) and he had great photos of it!

    check it out…

  2. Jaja had her hair cut? Bagay! :)

  3. I propose there be one everyday!

  4. yeah!!! cut by shoti! o.o :)) :)) :))


    Jason? cut Jaja’s hair? Really??

  6. yeah o.o “experiment” ish? malay ko ba dun! pag uwi ko tadan! poof it became like that na… :| hahaha and all the while i thought it was Mimi..

  7. Okay… WHAT?
    Your brother can cut hair?


    That’s for… FREE!
    How is it? Can I be the next in line? XD
    Kidding kidding.

  8. hahaha! i dunno with him experimenting on shobe’s hair.. sige.. but i warn you. x.x

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