Harrell, Joey, Kat and I went on a cruise on the Pasig River Ferry xD

We met 07:45am in UP, then drove to Guadalupe station. We passed by a lot of oil depots, shantis, factories, St. Jude, Malacanang Palace, and got down at Escolta station.

It was just 20 pesos for students (from one station to wherever) It is an inexpensive mode of public transport. It was so awesome - it’s even air conditioned! You also get serenaded by “slow rock” 70s sing-a-long.

I laud the Phil. government for its efforts in reviving Pasig. I hope it would continue for the better. :)

Oh yeah, keep your eyes open for the PSG (Presidential Security Group) who will ride from one of the stations. They’ll make sure that everything is secured when the ferry passes Malacanang. I saw what is printed on the back of the 20 peso bill! Niceee. xD

We went to Binondo. It was Joey’s first time. Had fun “touring” especially when Harrell visited his aunt. (details will remain a secret for Harrell’s sake?) Ate at Wai-Ying, Harrell’s choice. It was delish!!

We rode back from Escolta to Guadalupe, then we went to Rockwell to cool off and hang-out after. We rode back to UP, and, eventually, home. Fun Day!

- We don’t have pictures of Malacanang bec. we were not allowed to do so for (national) security reasons?

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  1. we’ve been wanting to try that for the looongest time! thanks for the info! would you know how much would be the regular fare? Thanks!

  2. regular fee is 40-something pesos from guadalupe to escolta

  3. you spazzed like heck, huh? got a nice whiff of the river air?

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