07:30 - Arrived in U.P
07:45 - Reviewed for PA 151 (Local Government & Regional Administration) Finals.
08:20 - Went to Vargas Museum just in time for 09:00am opening.
09:00 - Joyce arrives
09:01 - We both went in the museum to look at the exhibit
09:20 - Dramaturgical Revelations of Everyday Living
09:30 - We went back to the tambayan.
09:35 - Started writing Art Stud 2 paper
11:30 - Finished with 4 pages of painting analysis (thanks Joyce!)
11:35 - Joyce printed our papers, while I finish peer evaluations
11:37 - Bought brown envelope (thanks Che!)
11:40 - Submit AS2 stuff @ FC in time for 12:00 deadline
11:50 - Bought lunch at CASAA, then rode IKOT to NCPAG
12:10 - Ate lunch at the Atrium
12:15 - Wrote PA 151 Learning Diary while studying for the Finals
01:30 - PA 151 Finals (FTW! bahala na…)
03:00 - Finished the exam, and continued writing the diary.
03:20 - Submitted the Diary
03:50 - Went back to CSA Tambayan
04:20 - Went to Cordillera Cafe, bought a drink and waited for the sundo.


Congrats to my shoti for being UST COMMACH VP for Internals!

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  1. yeeeeyyy!!! :D

  2. Congratulations to Jason!! :D

  3. Whew! Sounds like a long day but glad your sem is done!

    … hm, what’s the summer dance?

  4. Dang, i would’ve p-a-s-s-e-d out if that was my schedule. Cheers bongski bongski bong bong bong. :D hahahaha sorry man, can’t get that song made by tiffy outta my head.

  5. Wooooo!

  6. polkadotrn: thanks! :) will tell jason! hehe

    whj: tsktsk…thanks.. will go there friday! haha!

    fairlady-z: don’t encourage whj! o.o

  7. marvinm: yeah o.o really long day! yes! yipee! :D

    summer dance… is the dance you do at the end of the school year, to celebrate summer! yey! \:D/

  8. Whoa. Lethal schedule! I hail thee, Sir Superbong the Invincible! Waaah! School stuff can be such a killer!

  9. i knoooow:c haha!

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