Patrick was really stressing out since weeks before about his 3 exams on his birthday. So just days before, I thought of surprising him. I got in touch with Joey and Hannah, and came up with a fantabulous (fantastic+fabulous) plan. I got Sheena and Tiffy too with the letters. Got help from Ces, Yao, Pam, Renz and Maxi too♥

Sarah, Renz, Annabellee, Pao Pei, Merri, Harrell, Hannah, Joey, Tiff and I waited outside the Math building for Pat and Yao to finish their Math 17 exams. And then, we surprised him. :)) We kidnapped him and ate out at Pino Bar after (just near U.P.)

Blowing his Nerds sprinkled choco cake
Photo By: Joey

We Patrick Balloons
Photo By: Joey

Shots, Sarah, Sheena, Yao, Renz, Anna, Pat, Pao Pei, Me, Harrell, Hannah, Tiff
Photo By: Joey

Pat, Hannah, Bong, Joey, Harrell, Sheena, Tiff
Photo By: Merri

@Pino Bar, Q.C.
Photo By: Joey

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