“Appear disappear, one half, one fourth, one fourth, one half, disappear, appear.”

All photos by Tiffany Chua, using her new MacBook :)

I was with one half of the incoming execomm (Alvene, Tiff, Thea, Merryan), and one fourth of the outgoing one (Kim, Laureen), plus Chris and Harrell, at Fazoli’s Eastwood for dinner. We bonded over stories, food, and “ducks” instead of bridge (woah), which is the perfect CSA Bonding Experience (CBE)

This duck?? o.O

Nah, not this rubber ducky…but a board game:P

(Photo from: www.tubz.net)

I was as excited as Tiffy for her new MacBook! Welcome to the club new MacHead! Newb! (joke!) And now Kim, Laureen, Alvene and P want one…convert people, convert! :P

5 Responses to “One Half and One Fourth Love”

  1. Waaah! I want a Mac too!

    *Cue in:
    “Hi, I’m a Mac.”
    “And I’m a PC.”

  2. hahah Hooray, Tiffy!!! :D

    Brian, you look like a matinee idol. hahaha! Tirso Cruz. hahaha!

  3. whahahaha! ;) thanks cuz!

  4. Tirso Cruz? XDDD HAHAHA Flattered!!!

  5. o.o pwd bang mas recent na matinee idol? haha :))

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