I was all set in watching Colbie Caillat sing live at the TriNoma Activity Center. I asked Achi Denise if she could come with me to the event since everyone I know wasn’t as sure as I am in going to the event. It turned out that Denise (Giggles McGee) and Tippi (Queen Neferkitty)were also going to TriNoma to have their hairs fixed (so.. yeahboy for the coincidence).

We went to Menage, and my cousins forced me into getting a hair make over, a new look (one that’s more “presidential” - a “power cut”). And so the result of that is this…

After having our haircuts, we proceeded to the Activity Center. It was jam-packed with fans and people (25% of whom, Denise bets, don’t even know who they’re watching). Too bad we weren’t able to get seats inside the center. We were at the second floor. I saw her better on the camera of Achi Denise.

Photo By Denise Tan

I really like her songs; and watching her live, really felt good. I must agree that she sings a little better live. :) After having to stand for an hour or more, we went to Zong to eat dinner. You can’t go wrong with Chinese food.

Zong Menu

We ordered the Pan Fried Chicken coated with Salted Egg, Spicy Singaporean Fish Fillet (which is my favorite), Mixed Veggies, and the Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Spicy Singaporean Fish Fillet

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