The moment I left my house at around 6am, I lost all hope that classes would be called off. Since, they’ve already announced last night that there will still be classes even though the strike is an all-systems-go.

As we were passing by Fairview-Commonwealth, a very familiar sea of people were gathered on the streets (some clustering and taking 1-2 lanes of the road already), along the stretch of Commonwealth, waiting for public transportation to go to their work/school/destinations.

It was an unusual scene. Well, I can safely say that they were all stranded. There were no buses at all. FX Taxi, I’m not so sure…minimal to say the least. Jeeps that didn’t go on strike were all full, to the point that every jeep has 4 people who were already clinging outside the entrance.

Beyond Philcoa (to UST) I really didn’t know if people were stranded because I already dozed off - yes, sleeping in the car helps me a lot. And since I am the last person to be brought to school always, I get about and hour of sleep in the car.

I was brought to NCPAG at around 7:10. Then all of a sudden, Pats called, asking if there are classes. (Jamie says that there are no classes anymore, so he’s confirming it with me.) Knowing that it might be a prank, I called my sources. But at the same time, I already called my dad, and asked to be fetched. (I thought, what the heck, I have not that much/no cuts in my PA121 and PA131 anyway..)

While doing so, the NCPAG SC Chair (Mich Jimenez) texted me. And since I’ve been trained in Journalism, I don’t want na “makuryente,” so I called up, and confirmed, and texted people after.

Going home, I still saw the people stranded on the streets.

So where are the promised trucks by the military? I didn’t see any. But in all fairness, I saw MMDA vans and trucks transporting people. It isn’t that much though to bring all of the people stranded to their destinations.

Poor them. :(

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