I have been tagged again. Yeah. This tag thing works if you’re bored. And I guess, I am. So here it is Tasha. :) 10 things that makes me happy.. And since I wouldn’t want to impose on people. Feel free to copy and do your own. I’m not tagging anyone.

10. My collections (coke cans galore, stamps, coins, keychains…hmm.. books!!!)
09. Chocolates and Ice Cream. and Food in general :)
08. Watching movies
07. Meeting Famous People and engaging them in conversation
06. My Dogs
05. Writing Poetry. Tula tula at marami pang mga tula. and Blogs! Super happy, stress reliever.
04. Travelling to places I’ve never been to before
03. cousins and friends = ♥
02. Loving others. Yeah cheesy. Doing things for them, and seeing them smile, and appreciate what you’ve done. :)
01. God. He’s been there loving me, and guiding me always. Even when I get lost, and I don’t know what I am doing, pagtalikod ko, he’s there :D

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  1. yep, the Big G kicks serious butt!

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