Since I wasn’t able to go out and celebrate Earth Hour with the people in CCP Complex, where all the festivities were, we observed it instead at home. At exactly 08:00pm, my dad turned off the power. No electricity in the house. We lit candles for lighting.

To pass time, we took pictures of ourselves instead. I would link the photo album here, but I’d rather not because it’s all vanity pictures. You don’t want to see that. :))

An hour passed. A lot of pictures were taken. Earth Hour done. I’m glad we did it. I really hope we have Earth Hour every month at least?

My friend, Jean, saw this Hello Kitty car parked outside Hyundai, E.Rod. Hello Kitty fans out there, what say you? Hello Kitty? xD


I, on the other hand, saw this nice car in Promenade, Greenhills. Definitely I want this baby! Wahh! :)) I parked beside it and took a photo of the beauty.


I can safely say that there are just at least 26 of these in the Philippines, and Tiff, Harrell and I are proud owners of one (one each).

picture from:

Limited Edition tiniest Hello Kitty USB from SanrioTown.

1.0GB thats around 1.5 inch length and really thin too.
You can mistake it to be a stick of gum. xD

You think that you can’t make a difference. Think again. You actually can make a BIG ONE.

Turn off your lights.
8pm, March 29.
I am just 1 person

Harrell, Joey, Kat and I went on a cruise on the Pasig River Ferry xD

We met 07:45am in UP, then drove to Guadalupe station. We passed by a lot of oil depots, shantis, factories, St. Jude, Malacanang Palace, and got down at Escolta station.

It was just 20 pesos for students (from one station to wherever) It is an inexpensive mode of public transport. It was so awesome - it’s even air conditioned! You also get serenaded by “slow rock” 70s sing-a-long.

I laud the Phil. government for its efforts in reviving Pasig. I hope it would continue for the better. :)

Oh yeah, keep your eyes open for the PSG (Presidential Security Group) who will ride from one of the stations. They’ll make sure that everything is secured when the ferry passes Malacanang. I saw what is printed on the back of the 20 peso bill! Niceee. xD

We went to Binondo. It was Joey’s first time. Had fun “touring” especially when Harrell visited his aunt. (details will remain a secret for Harrell’s sake?) Ate at Wai-Ying, Harrell’s choice. It was delish!!

We rode back from Escolta to Guadalupe, then we went to Rockwell to cool off and hang-out after. We rode back to UP, and, eventually, home. Fun Day!

- We don’t have pictures of Malacanang bec. we were not allowed to do so for (national) security reasons?


07:30 - Arrived in U.P
07:45 - Reviewed for PA 151 (Local Government & Regional Administration) Finals.
08:20 - Went to Vargas Museum just in time for 09:00am opening.
09:00 - Joyce arrives
09:01 - We both went in the museum to look at the exhibit
09:20 - Dramaturgical Revelations of Everyday Living
09:30 - We went back to the tambayan.
09:35 - Started writing Art Stud 2 paper
11:30 - Finished with 4 pages of painting analysis (thanks Joyce!)
11:35 - Joyce printed our papers, while I finish peer evaluations
11:37 - Bought brown envelope (thanks Che!)
11:40 - Submit AS2 stuff @ FC in time for 12:00 deadline
11:50 - Bought lunch at CASAA, then rode IKOT to NCPAG
12:10 - Ate lunch at the Atrium
12:15 - Wrote PA 151 Learning Diary while studying for the Finals
01:30 - PA 151 Finals (FTW! bahala na…)
03:00 - Finished the exam, and continued writing the diary.
03:20 - Submitted the Diary
03:50 - Went back to CSA Tambayan
04:20 - Went to Cordillera Cafe, bought a drink and waited for the sundo.


Congrats to my shoti for being UST COMMACH VP for Internals!

Patrick was really stressing out since weeks before about his 3 exams on his birthday. So just days before, I thought of surprising him. I got in touch with Joey and Hannah, and came up with a fantabulous (fantastic+fabulous) plan. I got Sheena and Tiffy too with the letters. Got help from Ces, Yao, Pam, Renz and Maxi too♥

Sarah, Renz, Annabellee, Pao Pei, Merri, Harrell, Hannah, Joey, Tiff and I waited outside the Math building for Pat and Yao to finish their Math 17 exams. And then, we surprised him. :)) We kidnapped him and ate out at Pino Bar after (just near U.P.)

Blowing his Nerds sprinkled choco cake
Photo By: Joey

We Patrick Balloons
Photo By: Joey

Shots, Sarah, Sheena, Yao, Renz, Anna, Pat, Pao Pei, Me, Harrell, Hannah, Tiff
Photo By: Joey

Pat, Hannah, Bong, Joey, Harrell, Sheena, Tiff
Photo By: Merri

@Pino Bar, Q.C.
Photo By: Joey

“Appear disappear, one half, one fourth, one fourth, one half, disappear, appear.”

All photos by Tiffany Chua, using her new MacBook :)

I was with one half of the incoming execomm (Alvene, Tiff, Thea, Merryan), and one fourth of the outgoing one (Kim, Laureen), plus Chris and Harrell, at Fazoli’s Eastwood for dinner. We bonded over stories, food, and “ducks” instead of bridge (woah), which is the perfect CSA Bonding Experience (CBE)

This duck?? o.O

Nah, not this rubber ducky…but a board game:P

(Photo from:

I was as excited as Tiffy for her new MacBook! Welcome to the club new MacHead! Newb! (joke!) And now Kim, Laureen, Alvene and P want one…convert people, convert! :P

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