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And so last night marked the first UP Fair that I ever attended! :) Alvene, Charles, Chris, Clea, Don, Thea, Tiff and I went last night to Rakestra: Lost in Oblivion, the UP Fair, sponsored by Beta Epsilon.

Alvene, Chris, Clea and I went ahead of “The DonTCha”. We ate a very sumptuous dinner: 3 Liempo, 1 Chicken BBQ, 1 Siomai, 1 Calamares, very refreshing Buko Pandan juice, and NY Fries with Garlic Parmesan and Red Chili Pepper dips. (Oh, not to mention, they ate KFC while waiting for me)

This is one of the moments when we all hoped we’ve brought cameras with us. In the end, we just settled looking for a very bright place to take our photos with Clea’s camera. Sad. But it worked, at least.Charles, Don and Tiff and Thea followed after. UP Fair Shirts are cool!

(Photo by Raisa)

It was definitely way better than Xavier fair. It was way better than ICA fair. It’s just really different. It rocked! We all joined in and tried to squish our way among the crowd, to go near the front. The bands were okay, but what really struck me the most, and made my night was Urbandub, accompanied by no other than the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. This is the celebration of music. I love it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the JJs (Jumping Jologs) really enjoyed themselves. Sheesh. First time to see them in action. They amuse me! ;)

We all went home after (a little before 1am), except for Chris, who “attended a meeting”, and went back 4am. What a night! :)

Thanks Chris for the birthday libre!
Thanks Don for the ride home!! :)

What better way to spend UP fair, but with CSA! :)

The University of the Philippines Chinese Student Association participated today in building houses at the Gawad Kalinga Central, UP Village, as their annual service activity to cap-off their week-long celebrations of Chinese New Year/ Culturals week.

An 8-man team led by, no less than their President, Kimberly Ong, shoveled and dug through soil and rocks to clear out the site, where the foundation of the house will be built.

Kimberly says that, “We do this service activity annually so that we can bridge the gap between Chinese and Filipino people; and so that we can also break certain stereotypes people have about us (Filipino-Chinese students).”

“In the spirit of the Chinese new year, we should learn to share what we have with others, especially the less fortunate. But of course, this does not mean we help the less fortunate only during the Cultural Week. We should help them as much as we can,” she adds.

After the build, which lasted from 8am to around 11am, they were all introduced to Engineer del Rosario, Project Manager of the site. He shared with us the vision on Gawad-Kalinga and his vision of the community in the area.

“Here in GK, there is no difference between the rich and the poor. Lahat pantay pantay (Everyone’s equal),” said Engr. Del Rosario.

He also stressed that what the volunteers are doing is a sacrifice one can do as part of nation-building.

“You are now part of the 1MB or the Isang Milyong mga Bayani”, Engr. Del Rosario explains.

He said that one doesn’t have to be dead to become a hero. It is better, according to him, to do something heroic, like building houses and sharing your talents in GK programs to “the least of your brethren” when one’s still alive.

Laureen Lukban, PRC head and project organizer, said, “People think it’s hard, and it is. It takes hard work. But you don’t have to push yourself (in building a house). That’s why it’s better when you have other people with you because you work together; and that’s what makes it fun!”

  • 121 went just like a breeze. It’s the first time I didn’t feel like sleeping in class.
  • We rushed (5-10 mins) a report of a classmate on income taxes and other taxes because our teacher wanted to watch the Lozada Senate inquiry/hearing. Yes, we all went to the CPAGE downstairs to watch it in their TV. Perfect timing. I don’t know with you, but this is why I hate the Arroyo administration and especially Abalos and FG! (what “colorful words” I can say of them)
  • It was my lucky day. JACKPOT! First, it was like I was the only student in about 30-student filled room. “Marami pang vacant seats dito oh..Mr. Ong, transfer to the front. Pati yang katabi mo. Nakoo..I’ll call you first sa recitation.” Second, quiz! Yes. Internal Revenue Allotment (I think I got the answers right) Third, “Mr.Ong, please collect the papers of your classmates” Fourth, “Di ka pa tapos Mr. Ong. Akala mo ha.. So Mr. Ong, What’s IRA?” O_O My God! This teacher really LOVES me! Fifth!!! Akala n’yo ah, pagkatapos ng 151, gigimik kayo…lagi na lang kayong gumigimik, diba Mr. Ong?” WTH! Haha! “Mayaman yang si Mr. Ong. Akala n’yo kita naman sa mukha sino ‘yung magimik.” I just felt really loved that time! :|
  • College Electoral Board voting was postponed to Monday. I have to make my essay now. Pray for me.
  • Barbie, Reg and Rog forced me to go to Trinoma and finally have a complete BFFL outing, “where it all started.” Lets just say I gave in? (I know! I repent!) Kent went with us. Too bad, Tenai wasn’t able to go, so in the end, we weren’t complete.
  • We watched Cloverfield. It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Literally? My head spun and I felt dizzy after. Don, if by different you mean it makes your head spin round and round the whole duration of the movie, then yes it’s different. Sorry time would be better. :))
  • CSA Org Picture Taking! Take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
  • Lion Dance, Wushu and Fireworks…Fireworks was REALLY GOOD! Pao Pei, next time warn us when lighting fireworks, ok? Dangerous much! And don’t light the finale first? But it was all great! Yehey! :)
  • Ate dinner with Pats, Sarah, Mark and Merryan at Max’s QC Memorial Circle since my parents suddenly decided to eat out and pick me up at around 8pm. o_O But, thankfully, people were up for a dinner, even if it’s just Jollibee? :P

pictures will follow soon, hopefully..

  • Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  • UPCSA Org shirt arrived today. It’s more than what I expected, which is good. Cute!
  • Tried to do Accounting 1 HW with Barbie, then Tenai…but failed.
  • Lucky Coleen already did her HW! What a relief! o_o
  • ArtStud - continued to dissect and discuss “Greenbelt” and “SM Megamall” and their meanings. Played with toys. Yes, small wooden blocks and action figures. Val Fig kinda got the hang of it. Wow! Fought with Joyce, because her action figure was copying my action figure’s wardrobe! “Gaya-gaya ka kasi! Suntukan na!”
  • Ate 2 monays for lunch.
  • I went to NCPAG to pass my Accounting HW, and to look at the SC room for my name in the College Electoral Board nominations. Vote for me! :)
  • Went back to AS to play Frisbee with Tim. I miss Frisbee! Maxi and Pats followed. I haven’t played for quite some time! (And I’m not as good as you say Tim) Let’s do this again! Enjoy!! Let’s form a team! Yeahboy! 3 more girls. Anyone interested?:P
  • Kakarmahin ka rin! Enough said. Reminder: CSA: Please be careful where you leave your stuff at the tambayan! I can’t emphasize enough. Take care of your valuables.
  • UPCSA had its Dimsum-Eating Relay around a little past 4pm. It was a success!

Congrats Cul-Soc, especially to Krisha and Cherrie! Thanks to those who’ve helped a while ago!

Clea, Carlo, Sarah, Sheena, Chris, Mark, Me

After the “God of Gamblers” UPCSA film showing, I decided to check out UPfied and the launch of AdHoc. I was convinced by the CSA people in UPJMA to stay for the night, more so when Chris told me that he’d bring me home. (Thanks a lot man!)

It was really fun to set the record, and form “UP” using people who were holding candles and sparklers. It was even better when the Centennial band played “UP Ang Galing Mo”, while we were all singing along with them. Oh, did I mention that the camera of MTV was focused on us that time. Oooh! :)The fireworks went off at around 11pm, after Nescafe Soundskool band played their last song.

Chris Ng: “Mosmordia!”
Tasha Teh: “Expecto Patronum!”
Bong: “Levicorpus!”

*Photos from Sarah Wu

Congrats Barbie and Joan for that performance! Good luck on your big day!
Congrats Rog for a great night! Good luck on Glam City!


Happy Chinese New Year to all of SanrioTown. :)

WOW! You’ll fall in love with this movie! I ♥ it! :)

It actually made my hair stand! This is what movies are about! As Bianca Gonzalez said, it is because of “its great power to stir every kind of emotion in you, to share powerful stories that we can grow from, and to give tribute to amazing people who we want others to know more about.”

Almost over 33 songs from The Beatles incorporated in it. If you’re a Beatle-fan, this will totally rock you.

Though it’s quite “like an MTV of the songs”, and some of the songs/scenes are out of place for me, the whole package was awesome. It brought home the message. I love the whole idea.

I tell you, you HAVE to watch it to feel it. ♥

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take your sad song, and make it better…anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude refrain. Don’t carry the world upon your shoulder. You know that it’s a fool, who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder…”

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