True to my word, three days after, I am back! This time, I was with a lot more hungry stomachs to fill. I am predicting Summer classes would be really be great with Amici in reach. :))

I went to Amici after the Miting de Avance of UPCSA with Alvene, Austin, Bryan, Carlson, Chris, Danne, Don, Donald, Edric, Harrell, Harroun, Hazel, Ivan, Jarvin, Joey, Joseph, Kester, Kim, Laureen, Madie, Merri, Merryan, Paopei, Pats, Sarah, Scott, Sheena, Tasha, Tiff, Wendy and Yao. Did I miss someone? That’s a lot of hungry CSA people. :))

8 Responses to “After Miting de Avance”

  1. that pizza looks awesome.

  2. Bribing these people to vote for you? hahaha! Just kidding bong. *still waiting for you to text us that you’re treating us out to a nice dinner at Amici!*….. *tapping my foot*

  3. @avatarded: it tastes awesome as well :)

    @polkadotrn: hmph! of course i won’t sink low to that kind of politicking…:| hahaha!:P hey! you should, you’re achi…and i’m just a pool kid… :P

  4. I am hungry too……….. :D

  5. hehehe! :P

  6. Pizza and ice cream. Yum. xD

  7. i knowww!! :) yum yumm

  8. FOOOOD. :)

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