Pizza, Pasta, Gelato

A new Amici, most probably a franchise of the famed Amici di Don Bosco, opened yesterday at the Tomas Morato area, on the ground floor of the building where Ratsky is.

My family ate there today, and we were greeted well by the very lovely manger and staff of the restaurant.

We were on our way to Greenhills for church, when my brother spotted the restaurant, and vowed, pleaded to eat there on our way home, since he hasn’t eaten in Amici ever. So that’s the story why we ended up there.

Anyway, as always, you can’t go wrong with their pizza and pasta selections.

We ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino (Php 160), Ai Quatrro Formaggi - four cheeses (Php 270), Fruttii di Mare - seafood pizza (Php 270) and they ordered a Lechon Kawali (Php 165)

After dinner, your visit wouldn’t be complete without ordering their Gelato. We had Sans Rival (a new addition to their yummy list) and Mint with Chocolate (a certified 3 thumbs up)

The manager said that the place can seat up to 105 people.

I’m sure I’ll be back in no time! :)

4 Responses to “AMICI Tomas Morato”

  1. Bong! I want gelato toooo! Let’s go there with Pats when we all need to strengthen our mind links! XD

  2. yes PLEASE! :) my treat on the gelato (lang) hahaha! kayo sa food? :))

  3. I was with my family that time, it was a saturday night so there are lots of costumers in the place. We waited for so long to have a seat…. it took us 30 mins or more.

    As soon as we got inside, and as soon as the waiter got our orders, we are patiently expecting our food… since im very hungry because of waiting. Unfortunately, it took us 1 hour for the food to arrive, later did i notice that all the fellows spend the time waiting outside are already done eating. ANDDDDDDD…. the waiters forgot our ORDER!!!!! tsk tsk,,,,,

    We asked the waiter to call their Manager to explain the incident, but even she couldn’t explain what happened. Dah!

    It is the worst night i ever had…

    Do you want this to happen to you? Never not…

    My advice don’t waste your time and money for the cheap restaurant.

  4. @dawn90
    “…waiter got our orders…”

    Are you sure you’re talking about Amici or spreading black propaganda?

    Amici is a self-service establishment, waiters don’t take orders. you tell your orders at the counter just like any fast food outlet.

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