Since Saturday, I have heard of the efforts of past cabinet secretaries and similar officials calling their present counterparts in the Arroyo administration to resign, and “come clean.” It’s the first time I saw of this, manifested as an advertisement, in today’s Inquirer.

If you can, please read it, and criticize.

My own two cents:

  1. “…all Jun Lozada did was to confirm what we already know.” - Then why on earth didn’t/ don’t you EXPOSE what you know. Help out. Don’t give all the burden just a person. Corroborate! Testify! I take it you know of fraudulent deals and activities involving Graft and Corruption. You know something, but you keep it to yourself, now, how does that appear?
  2. “Unmoderated Greed” - What does this mean? We allow greed, having kickbacks and money corrupted, but in moderation? Well, I guess we can’t contain this, not with our present culture and mindsets. I am angry! This should not be the case, but I guess it’s better than nothing?
  3. I’m surprised Karina David, whose term in Civil Service Commission just expired, signed this. This means, at least to me, that she confirms everything. She just didn’t do something to expose all of what she knows during her time as Chair of CSC. Now that it’s over, and I’m no longer connected to governemnt, let’s support the call? Ganun ba ‘yun? (Well, that’s how I read it)
  4. As I said, and as Ma’am Boncodin said, “they’re barking up the wrong tree.”

2 Responses to “Is it Time?”

  1. As much as I would love to read that, I’m not the politically aware person that you are xD

  2. i know.. XD haha

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