Had dinner today with Uncle Peter at Kamay Kainan in TriNoma. Buffet for around 240 only. We stuffed ourselves up with delicious signature Filipino dishes until we’re about to burst. I recommend this resto to you guys. Unluckily, I didn’t bring my camera with me, so no pictures this time.

Got this pasalubong from Shang Hai. It reads, Wei Ren Min Fu Wu (serve the people) with Mao’s head. I just hope I won’t be mistaken to be part of CPP and get caught by the military when I use it around UP, or elsewhere :))

I bought the recently released Coke Zero while I was waiting in Landmark supermarket. Yehey! Now, i’m just in the look-out for the Coke Classic with SM Logo (if it’s available to the public) :)

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