And so yesterday was Valentines Day. They say that it’s only as good or worse as you make it. Yes. Flowers, chocolates and all these gimmicks filled the academically hallowed halls of the premiere state university.

Joey, Mik, Hannah and I attended Ariel’s buffet lunch function at the College of Home Economics function room. I love the carrot soup and the chocolate fondue!

I found this around the Chinese Student Association’s tambayan at AS 101. I find it really amusing. Good one, I say. :))

That evening, I had a very good talk with Don about life. Haha! I should talk to you more often. And, lets plan that road trip real soon..Yea?

Went to the fair with Don, Charles, Ainna, Thea, Tiff, and a lot more CSA dudes.


  • Dalandan Soda rocks! Love the Sax!
  • Bought two shirts from Pepetees.
  • Watched Ainna, Tiff, Thea, Chris have henna tattoos.
  • Rocked with the crowd until around 11:30.
  • Chitchat with The DonTCha on the way home. (I hope Charles’ friend wasn’t weirded out with us…)
  • Super Duper Thanks Don, again! (I’ll libre you next time!)