And so last night marked the first UP Fair that I ever attended! :) Alvene, Charles, Chris, Clea, Don, Thea, Tiff and I went last night to Rakestra: Lost in Oblivion, the UP Fair, sponsored by Beta Epsilon.

Alvene, Chris, Clea and I went ahead of “The DonTCha”. We ate a very sumptuous dinner: 3 Liempo, 1 Chicken BBQ, 1 Siomai, 1 Calamares, very refreshing Buko Pandan juice, and NY Fries with Garlic Parmesan and Red Chili Pepper dips. (Oh, not to mention, they ate KFC while waiting for me)

This is one of the moments when we all hoped we’ve brought cameras with us. In the end, we just settled looking for a very bright place to take our photos with Clea’s camera. Sad. But it worked, at least.Charles, Don and Tiff and Thea followed after. UP Fair Shirts are cool!

(Photo by Raisa)

It was definitely way better than Xavier fair. It was way better than ICA fair. It’s just really different. It rocked! We all joined in and tried to squish our way among the crowd, to go near the front. The bands were okay, but what really struck me the most, and made my night was Urbandub, accompanied by no other than the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. This is the celebration of music. I love it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the JJs (Jumping Jologs) really enjoyed themselves. Sheesh. First time to see them in action. They amuse me! ;)

We all went home after (a little before 1am), except for Chris, who “attended a meeting”, and went back 4am. What a night! :)

Thanks Chris for the birthday libre!
Thanks Don for the ride home!! :)

What better way to spend UP fair, but with CSA! :)

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