• 121 went just like a breeze. It’s the first time I didn’t feel like sleeping in class.
  • We rushed (5-10 mins) a report of a classmate on income taxes and other taxes because our teacher wanted to watch the Lozada Senate inquiry/hearing. Yes, we all went to the CPAGE downstairs to watch it in their TV. Perfect timing. I don’t know with you, but this is why I hate the Arroyo administration and especially Abalos and FG! (what “colorful words” I can say of them)
  • It was my lucky day. JACKPOT! First, it was like I was the only student in about 30-student filled room. “Marami pang vacant seats dito oh..Mr. Ong, transfer to the front. Pati yang katabi mo. Nakoo..I’ll call you first sa recitation.” Second, quiz! Yes. Internal Revenue Allotment (I think I got the answers right) Third, “Mr.Ong, please collect the papers of your classmates” Fourth, “Di ka pa tapos Mr. Ong. Akala mo ha.. So Mr. Ong, What’s IRA?” O_O My God! This teacher really LOVES me! Fifth!!! Akala n’yo ah, pagkatapos ng 151, gigimik kayo…lagi na lang kayong gumigimik, diba Mr. Ong?” WTH! Haha! “Mayaman yang si Mr. Ong. Akala n’yo kita naman sa mukha sino ‘yung magimik.” I just felt really loved that time! :|
  • College Electoral Board voting was postponed to Monday. I have to make my essay now. Pray for me.
  • Barbie, Reg and Rog forced me to go to Trinoma and finally have a complete BFFL outing, “where it all started.” Lets just say I gave in? (I know! I repent!) Kent went with us. Too bad, Tenai wasn’t able to go, so in the end, we weren’t complete.
  • We watched Cloverfield. It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Literally? My head spun and I felt dizzy after. Don, if by different you mean it makes your head spin round and round the whole duration of the movie, then yes it’s different. Sorry Kent..next time would be better. :))
  • CSA Org Picture Taking! Take 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…
  • Lion Dance, Wushu and Fireworks…Fireworks was REALLY GOOD! Pao Pei, next time warn us when lighting fireworks, ok? Dangerous much! And don’t light the finale first? But it was all great! Yehey! :)
  • Ate dinner with Pats, Sarah, Mark and Merryan at Max’s QC Memorial Circle since my parents suddenly decided to eat out and pick me up at around 8pm. o_O But, thankfully, people were up for a dinner, even if it’s just Jollibee? :P

pictures will follow soon, hopefully..

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