This Ad from the Concerned Artists of the Philippines says it all. :)

Tiff: “Bong bong tanggalin mo damit mo.”
CSA people: “Tiff ah!”
Me: “WHAT?!………”
Tiff: “Hindi hindi I mean ‘yung jacket mo!”

B. C. P.

I call for PGMA do to the right thing.

True to my word, three days after, I am back! This time, I was with a lot more hungry stomachs to fill. I am predicting Summer classes would be really be great with Amici in reach. :))

I went to Amici after the Miting de Avance of UPCSA with Alvene, Austin, Bryan, Carlson, Chris, Danne, Don, Donald, Edric, Harrell, Harroun, Hazel, Ivan, Jarvin, Joey, Joseph, Kester, Kim, Laureen, Madie, Merri, Merryan, Paopei, Pats, Sarah, Scott, Sheena, Tasha, Tiff, Wendy and Yao. Did I miss someone? That’s a lot of hungry CSA people. :))

Pizza, Pasta, Gelato

A new Amici, most probably a franchise of the famed Amici di Don Bosco, opened yesterday at the Tomas Morato area, on the ground floor of the building where Ratsky is.

My family ate there today, and we were greeted well by the very lovely manger and staff of the restaurant.

We were on our way to Greenhills for church, when my brother spotted the restaurant, and vowed, pleaded to eat there on our way home, since he hasn’t eaten in Amici ever. So that’s the story why we ended up there.

Anyway, as always, you can’t go wrong with their pizza and pasta selections.

We ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino (Php 160), Ai Quatrro Formaggi - four cheeses (Php 270), Fruttii di Mare - seafood pizza (Php 270) and they ordered a Lechon Kawali (Php 165)

After dinner, your visit wouldn’t be complete without ordering their Gelato. We had Sans Rival (a new addition to their yummy list) and Mint with Chocolate (a certified 3 thumbs up)

The manager said that the place can seat up to 105 people.

I’m sure I’ll be back in no time! :)

Since Saturday, I have heard of the efforts of past cabinet secretaries and similar officials calling their present counterparts in the Arroyo administration to resign, and “come clean.” It’s the first time I saw of this, manifested as an advertisement, in today’s Inquirer.

If you can, please read it, and criticize.

My own two cents:

  1. “…all Jun Lozada did was to confirm what we already know.” - Then why on earth didn’t/ don’t you EXPOSE what you know. Help out. Don’t give all the burden just a person. Corroborate! Testify! I take it you know of fraudulent deals and activities involving Graft and Corruption. You know something, but you keep it to yourself, now, how does that appear?
  2. “Unmoderated Greed” - What does this mean? We allow greed, having kickbacks and money corrupted, but in moderation? Well, I guess we can’t contain this, not with our present culture and mindsets. I am angry! This should not be the case, but I guess it’s better than nothing?
  3. I’m surprised Karina David, whose term in Civil Service Commission just expired, signed this. This means, at least to me, that she confirms everything. She just didn’t do something to expose all of what she knows during her time as Chair of CSC. Now that it’s over, and I’m no longer connected to governemnt, let’s support the call? Ganun ba ‘yun? (Well, that’s how I read it)
  4. As I said, and as Ma’am Boncodin said, “they’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Had dinner today with Uncle Peter at Kamay Kainan in TriNoma. Buffet for around 240 only. We stuffed ourselves up with delicious signature Filipino dishes until we’re about to burst. I recommend this resto to you guys. Unluckily, I didn’t bring my camera with me, so no pictures this time.

Got this pasalubong from Shang Hai. It reads, Wei Ren Min Fu Wu (serve the people) with Mao’s head. I just hope I won’t be mistaken to be part of CPP and get caught by the military when I use it around UP, or elsewhere :))

I bought the recently released Coke Zero while I was waiting in Landmark supermarket. Yehey! Now, i’m just in the look-out for the Coke Classic with SM Logo (if it’s available to the public) :)

So technically, I had no class today.

My ArtStud professor didn’t show up. I am excited for our field trip to Sagada this weekend ( quit trying to force me to go Sarah..:P I might suddenly change my mind..:o haha).

My Accounting professor, Emilia Boncodin, former Department of Budget and Management Secretary, had this interview with Korina Sanchez in her office, and came out 3:30pm or so. She just ended up telling the class of what they talked about (after some persuading we did). All the while, I was outside, listening in to what they’re saying. (The interview can be seen right now, 6pm at ANC, they have replays late in the evening)

She explained to us the procurement system of government, where it is open and transparent. She blames it on us, Filipinos, because we let this thing happened. We weren’t “extra extra extra to the infinity” careful.

She told us that “ang mga pinag-aaralan ninyo, mga binabasa ninyo, wala ‘yan. Those things you’ll learn if you go into the bureaucracy.” What she can say is that, “never second guess the bureaucracy.” She’s angry at those people who keep on criticizing the government, the bureaucracy. She continues by saying, “you don’t know what it is to be in the bureaucracy. Unless you actually been in the bureaucracy, you don’t have the right to say those things.”

She also said that she’s sympathizing with Secretary Neri. She knows that he’s a good man, but right now, he can’t really get out of it already .”He boxed himself in.”

She didn’t sign the plea of the past cabinet secretaries, calling for the present cabinet secretaries, undersecretaries, etc, to resign. According to her, “they’re barking up the wrong tree.” Others shouldn’t suffer for the mistake of one, or the few. “Wala naman silang kinalaman.” She adds, “You know, there are a lot of good people in government. The sad thing is the ones who’re not good are always the ones being seen and featured.”

She ended by saying that “someday, you will make that choice.” You will have to choose “one way or the other.” There’s no neutral. You have to choose. I really love what she said today.

On a lighter side of things, a lot of people noticed my shirt, and commented that it’s nice, and they want one. It’s from Pepetee. I now feel that the 300 I spent, was kinda worth it. :)

My uncle just messaged me and showed me the text in the application TextEdit. I never knew this existed in my MacBook until today. I was amazed, really! :) I took a screen shot of it:

Dear Kate,

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things.

Take Care,
John Applessed

Familiar much? Here:

And so yesterday was Valentines Day. They say that it’s only as good or worse as you make it. Yes. Flowers, chocolates and all these gimmicks filled the academically hallowed halls of the premiere state university.

Joey, Mik, Hannah and I attended Ariel’s buffet lunch function at the College of Home Economics function room. I love the carrot soup and the chocolate fondue!

I found this around the Chinese Student Association’s tambayan at AS 101. I find it really amusing. Good one, I say. :))

That evening, I had a very good talk with Don about life. Haha! I should talk to you more often. And, lets plan that road trip real soon..Yea?

Went to the fair with Don, Charles, Ainna, Thea, Tiff, and a lot more CSA dudes.


  • Dalandan Soda rocks! Love the Sax!
  • Bought two shirts from Pepetees.
  • Watched Ainna, Tiff, Thea, Chris have henna tattoos.
  • Rocked with the crowd until around 11:30.
  • Chitchat with The DonTCha on the way home. (I hope Charles’ friend wasn’t weirded out with us…)
  • Super Duper Thanks Don, again! (I’ll libre you next time!)
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