Last Saturday I was very fortunate to have been part of the facilitators who gave a workshop on leadership to the QC-Marikina Grade School Consortium at the Ateneo de Manila University grade 5 assembly area.

I really missed doing these stuff. Good thing I was available that day when Sir Jake Aragon asked me if I wanted to go join them again.

There were workshops on “Discovering the Qualities of a Filipino Leader”, “Making Important Leadership Decisions”, “Leading Successful Teams”, “A Lesson on Leadership”, and some outdoor challenges.


I really enjoyed myself. I’m really happy that my group, despite some difficulty with interacting with other people within the group, faced every challenge, and conquered it all.




With us were: Louie Ignacio, Nico Ocampo, Moses Florendo, Jewel Castro, Nino Savellano, EJ Legaspi, Chewy Chua, Dolly Joya, Jojie Perocho, Hart Ang, Matthew Go, and Javi Campos, among others.

To more exhilarating and eventful workshops in the future! I’m glad I did this. :)

Last Wednesday I went with Tiff, Thea, Don and Hannah to the TriNoma Bloggers’ Food Tour. I am happy that I went because it turned out to be one of the best experiences ever that I had in TriNoma. There were around 150 people registered for the event. Upon registration, we were given some freebie’s in a bag (Hershey’s goodies, notebook, Yummy magazine, etc.)

After the introduction and the usual chitchat kick off. We were broken into groups, and were assigned one representative each from TriNoma and Yehey to tour us per floor.

I consider our group to be privileged to have started at the topmost floor, where the restaurants were of the better, so to speak, cluster. At first I really thought that 2:30-7pm touring these resto’s would be very long, but it turned out that we were hurrying up from one resto to another just to try everything out.

Out of the participating restaurants that day, we were successful to have sampled food from Cyma, TGIFridays, Bubba Gump, Holy Cow Chop House/ Jack’s Loft, Italianni’s, Haiku, La Maison, Bangus, Hosseins Persian Kebab, Abe, Conti’s, Mangan, Mann Hann and Marina.


So I guess I won’t keep you from knowing what I think were the best dishes served during the tour. In no particular order:

1. Roasted Leg of Lamb - Cyma

2. Chicken Souvlaki - Cyma

3. Barkada Ribs - La Maison

4. Fish and Chips - Fish & Co.

5. Baked Salmon - Conti’s

6. Creamy Wine Mussels - La Maison

7. Baked Mussels - Fish & Co.

8. Spinach and Artichoke Fondue - Cyma

9. Mango Bravo - Conti’s

10. Blueberry Cheesecake - Jack’s Loft

I guess, as Hannah said, some restaurants didn’t really prepare their signature dishes. Well, too bad for them. I really enjoyed myself tasting food from the restaurants I haven’t tried before. There was Cyma, Bubba Gump, and most especially La Maison. If my schedule frees up, I’m definitely going to these restos again. :)

Food pictures courtesy of Hannah Co.

Oh YEAH! I can now say I have finally met the Chicken Man! Josh from ChickenMafia.

This is the commissioned theme song for the university centennial performed by the UP Centennial Band. UP Ang Galing Mo was composed by Herbie Gonzales (Tau Alpha ‘61) an Engineering alumni.

Personally, I like it. It’s really nice, and it gives you an LSS.

YouTube Video of the song:

You can download the songfrom aimini.

Enjoy! :)



Tippi, my cousin, came from Hong Kong last Christmas. Look what she found: Hello Kitty Ramen. There’s curry flavor too, for those who like it with a bit of a spice.

I met with the NCPAG people, who were already waiting along the University Avenue at around 3pm to represent the Centennial Contingent from the flagship campus - UP Diliman System. We were all there - students, alumni, teachers, faculty and staff plus our own marching band and a very energetic dean!

Dean Alex Brillantes led our parade singing “…I Love You UP…” to the theme of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. It was so tiring to sing and dance and parade around the oval, but it was definitely awesome; everyone had fun and definitely had a blast! :)

After the parade, we were treated to skydivers from the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. The president of the UP Alumni Association welcomed everyone, and the torch relay begun. The first torch bearer was Fernando Javier, (BSCE ‘33) one of the oldest living alumni; it ended with UP President Emerlinda Roman.

Some of the torch bearers include: Richard Gomez, Former Senator Franklin Drilon, Mikaela Fudolig :)

Torches: Going around the oval like an angry mob. (Photo by Mark Wu)

Dinner at Kitaro: Mark, Me, Therese, Charles, Tiffany, Harrell (Photo by Joey Cuayo)

We went back to UP after dinner for the grand fireworks display. After singing “UP Naming Mahal”, fireworks shot off to the sky. It was the best I’ve seen, or at least being there, making history with your friends, made it much more special.

Merryan’s back from Taiwan and she gave me these Coke items (Christmas Edition of Coke Classic and Coke Zero 600ml) :) Thanks Pi! XD Just wait and see what Pi gave Raein. I bet you guys will love it! ;)

I only had one class for today. And so, I decided to play bridge with Pam, Austin and Carlson after at our “secret bridge place” in AS; but unfortunately, someone appeared and startled us while we were into the game.

I guess I won’t elaborate on it anymore. I’ll leave this comment to those who experienced it/ know what happened. I don’t want to appear evil, nor sound like I am against what the person was saying (because believe me, I am not..)

It’s just what happened a while ago wasn’t really how I perceived it should be. I guess I was a little bit irritated, to say the least. I think that it makes people more distant to what they’re trying to achieve. I think it can’t be rushed like that. People have different paces, and if they’re shoved with stuff right in front of their faces, they might not like it, and turn away even more.

But end-all, that’s just me, and it’s my personal opinion :P

LMAO @ Austin. XD

I had to go to school at around 7:30am even if my one and only class is at 2:30pm. I had to do my Accounting homework with Barbie, Athena, and Reg.

Thank God for friends in BA - Sean and Tasha! Oh and Kester helped a little too. XD

Sadly, we didn’t even finish the HW, ohwell, at least we tried (for like 4 hours…) On to the Accounting exam this Saturday! (open book, open notes, open everything as Prof. Boncodin said a while ago) I just hope it’s not that tough.

On a lighter note, I received presents today from Sean (Fullybooked Planner), Kesterson (Coke Zero can from Taiwan), Mark and Sarah Wu (Goofy!), and Merri (Hershey’s Choooocolate!) Thanks a lot guys! :)


What White-haired Journalist really loves to do is…making an Art.

(He must be really good or just bored much? You decide.)

The Jingle Bell song, Hello Kitty version:

Tingal Bells
Tiffy Smells
KT laid an egg
The Bong Mobile, lost its wheel
Steffi got her way! Wu!

Dashing Thru Iheart
In a Badzt horse open sleigh
O’er Nanao we go
Cookie-ing all the way!

He’s unstoppable…He made this too! T_T

Be like Bong

Be like Bong
A superhero amidst the dark forces of Tiffy
No matter how the lil monster wrecks havok
Superbong still remains the hero of justice

Be like Bong
A hero who stands tall (literally and figuratively)
continuously battling evil
and visiting countless restaurants in Trinoma

Be like Bong…Be like Bong…

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