5 Responses to “celebRate! 2008”

  1. I am so staying out of Binondo during those days. Everyday extreme traffic + Narrow streets + New Year Celebration + Lion Dance + Street Wushu + Fireworks = Suffocation

    But then again, I think my mom will drag me along if she wants to go there. :(

    Oh btw, if you guys are coming on those days (Tiffy and you), tell me. Let’s eat in my favorite noodle house. My treat. :)

  2. LOL! silly me. That event is for UP. lololololololololol

  3. wait! treat? game tiffy! hahah! where’s your favorite noodle house? :):)

  4. GAME!!!! GAME!!!! I’M GOING!!! :D:D

  5. LOL sure! If I’m at the vicinity I’ll give you guys a message. My favorite noodle house is Maxims. Ever since I was little, my mom would take me there. Dang, I miss their congee and uber large siopao. Wahahahahahaha!

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