These are photos of Sean Tiu, one of the master photographers of UP CSA :)

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience: WUSHU! (01-24-08)


General Assembly (01-26-08)


But not only is he good at taking pictures, but also at giving REALLY NICE HANDS in Bridge. See example:


5 HEARTS! Hah! Beat that Pat and Yao! (N.B.: Sarah had the Ace of Hearts!)

This must have been the luckiest day of my bridge life :))

To more “heart-winning days”! ;)

16 Responses to “Sean’s Magic”

  1. “master photographer?” hardly! but thanks :P

    and yes, that hand is glorious, treasure the picture always :P

  2. i will forever, well unless someone gives me the whole SUIT! :| hahaha! but i doubt it! one in a million! ;)

  3. oh yeah! we kinda took the picture after we played? so err.. LESS ONE HEART..what’s it yao? is it the 5?6 of hearts?

  4. your hand = GORGEOUS!!!

  5. i know!! :) i was really shocked after i saw my cards…

  6. ERRATA: I had all the hearts there, except the ACE. And the 5 SPADES wasn’t mine. :)

  7. dapat d mo na kinuha un 5spades… it just ruined the red-ness of your cards. hahaha.

  8. yun nga eh! that was pat’s pala.. red hand tlga! haha

  9. if only donald and i were lucky enough to get a hand like that….. :p

  10. That’s… RIGGED! BOO HOO HOO

  11. hey! ofcorz not!

  12. you got caught red-handed…

    *wipes tear*

  13. =))

    *hands ali a handkerchief*

  14. Bridge? Hmmm I never played that before…

  15. Loving your cards, bong! Had some of those sometimes, and I’d be like, woohoo! Who needs a partner?:P You can go trump-less or go for hearts, whichever way, you win!^_^

    Not unless you lose the bidding.:P What’s the maximum bid that you’ve ever made? I think I went for 10-4 or 11-3. Can’t remember.o_O Haven’t played it for a loooong time.

  16. @whj: you have to learn the game!

    @iheartbadtz: yes! that’s sooo true!! :) 11-3 i think :) whahhah! XD let’s play!!!! haha

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