121: Ma’am Domingo’s back from Davao! We discussed about Personnel Recruitment and all the processes it has. No exam this Friday! Whew! XD

131: We discussed about budgeting, government budgeting, expenditures, GAA of 2007 and Budget of Expenditures and Sources of Financing for 2008 (because as of date, 2008 Budget hasn’t been signed into law..pray we don’t have a re-enacted budget). Well it’s all political play. It’s a matter of “feeding” the legislature well.

151: NO RECITATION! Isn’t that great?! It was a relief for everyone. We reported on the field work we did in the Barangays we visited/surveyed. He just discussed “powers and functions” of elected officials and appointed officials in the Local Government Unit (using an OHP projector). I hope he does that more often. :P

LArch1: Boring as usual. Scientific approach to Landscape Architecture. We discussed how Biology, Geology, Botany, Ecology and other sciences relate to LArch. :| Exam on the 29th! Eep!

Met with Titus regarding Kaisa. Pray for me. It’s one big decision I don’t want to screw up. I seriously need your prayers.

Got to play bridge with Ainna, Alvene, Chris and Sarah. Had to wait, cause I went with Alvene. (thanks so much!) She dropped me along Commonwealth. (at least I had a seat on the bus…thank God!)

And did I say that the Inari/Aburage of Hannah’s mom is SIMPLY THE BEST! :) Now I understand why Harrell’s “addicted” to it. Thanks!

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  1. What’s that? Sweet? Sour? Salty? Nano-nano?

  2. Why do you get food and I don’t? :( Boo hoo.

  3. Err coz you were not there at the tambayan 5:40pm..?

  4. that looks DEEEELISH!

  5. Recitations are mine enemy.:(

  6. *nods*

  7. 5:40’s too late :(

  8. too late? you had 7pm meeting right? :P bwhaha

  9. Errr. 7PM meeting? Or baka 4:30? Whhuuuu???

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