I didn’t have anything to do this morning. I’m lazy to do school stuff. Sigh. I wasn’t successful either in trying to cough up some words. She left me! My muse left me. And I have to find her real soon or else… :(

I grabbed the Hip Hop Abs DVD and played a track. This track.

Fat Burning Cardio

This is not your mama’s aerobic video. You’ll burn calories and shed fat with my fun, hip dance moves set to the same hot music you hear on the radio. (30 minutes)

It was really tiring, and I gave off sweat like I was in hell or something. The good part is, I can feel that I’ve worked my abs off. XD

I think I’ll be doing this dancing more often now.

12 Responses to “Hip Hop Abs”

  1. Hahahahahaha! cant believe u tried that out… cant believe it works too! :D

  2. whahaha! that was what harrell told me… boo! :P

  3. why are you going around talking smack about my momma? and then, when you have like a 16pack, we’ll shoot a video. ok?


  4. whahahah! 16pack it is! :P

    yeah! if u like we can shoot it next week?


  5. 16pack. Hahaha! 16pack of your coke cans! XD

  6. I know! whahahha! :P

  7. It works? Woah. And Harrell introduced you to it?! WOAHWOAH.

    The heck? I’m gonna bet you guys — I’ll get abs before you guys ever will. Hee.


    :P hah! sige, lets bet on it?:P bwhahaha:P

  9. Sabi mo yan ah! Spirals!!! Wahahah joke!

    5 cows! Ice cream cake! Errrr… Pero matagal tagal pa to. Mahirap magkaabs. xD

  10. yeah @ matagal-tagal pa to:P hahahaha

    err ill think about the spirals/5 cows:P yumm naman!

  11. who’s that guy on the cover anyway?

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